Getting Started Guide

Please remember that by using and engaging in the One Awakening community you agree to the terms of service

How Do I Access The Connection Space?

In the very top right hand corner you will see your name//username. It may say "Howdy _____". As you scroll over your name a drop down menu appears. Whenever you are logged in, this is the best way to access your profile, activity, community notifications, messages, friends, groups, forums and settings.

What Can I Do In Activity?

In the Activity section you can see any and all changes such as yours/friends new posts, group posts, etc.

What Can I Do Under Profile?

Under profile you have the ability to change your name, cover photo and profile photo

What are Notifications?

Notifications are messages sent out to the community by One Awakening staff and sometimes from members as well.

What can I do in Messages?

In Messages you have the opportunity to send a private message to members. Please remember that the terms of service agreement prohibits any spam, harassment or inappropriate content being sent between members. Members who engage in these acts will have their profile terminated permanently.

What can I do in Friendships?

In Friendships you can see the people who are currently your friends as well as the requests you sent out.

What can I do in Groups?

In Groups, you can see the groups you are apart of as well as the group invitations that have been sent to you. You have the ability to create your own group as long as you stay within the guidelines outlined in the terms of service agreement.

What can I do in Forums?

Forums are connected to the groups you choose to be apart of. You can start new topics or respond to topics. You can also favorite the forums you love.

What can I do in Settings?

In Settings you have the ability to change your username, password and the amount and types of email reminders you receive. You can choose to limit how much communication you have between members.

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