Our Mission and Vision

One Awakenings mission is to provide a virtual space for you to call HOME. One Awakening offers powerful awareness building  tools and a loving supportive community. We will soon be offering life transforming courses, and spiritually deepening virtual retreats. Our vision is to inspire personal transformation and provide support through each person’s unique journey of spiritual awakening.

Your journey is unique, but you are not alone.

Embody Mindfulness- Cultivate Awareness

All of our products and services aim to help you embody mindfulness and cultivate the pure infinite awareness within. As we touch deep into the spirit of our being there is this inner knowing that we are vast, we are spacious, and we are unfathomably connected to the whole of the universe.

Transcend Limitations

If you are like many, you may have been on the spiritual path for many years. There can be this sense that the more we open up to truth and love, the more pain and conditioning surfaces from inside. With the various tools and resources offered through One Awakening the goal is to gain clarity about the bloackages and ultimately to love the parts of ourselves that we have decided are far from perfect.

Form Lasting Friendships

In our Connection Room, there is the opportunity to not just engage with like minded individuals in a social space, but to transform the way we view technology as being a hindrance to our connection. In truth, love knows no time or distance therefore we can begin expressing that spiritual love right here, right now.

Learn, Evolve, Transform

Learning never stops when you are engaged in life with an open mind. There is plenty to learn from others, and plenty to learn from your own vast collection of experiences. One Awakening provides the inviting space to explore the part of your heart that is calling you home.

Experience Deep Rejuvenation

Do you ever feel like you need an immediate vacation? One Awakening may be a virtual space, but its mission is to be your home away from home. This is your time to relax, to escape back into your deepest self which is the only place to ever find true and lasting peace. Soothe your mind while feeding your soul.

The Inspiration For One Awakening

We live in a world where most of us walk through our lives in a sleep like state. When we operate from this level we feel separated and disconnected from nature, people, and the world at large. In this sleep like state we have a continuous amount of mind chatter that keeps us from going deeper within. We hardly live in the dynamic world, we mostly live in our heads. Here is where we experience anxiety and discontent. We are run by fear and scarcity because in this sleep like state, we don’t recognize that we are living from a place of ego separateness that keeps us from seeing our true nature. 

When we speak of spiritual awakening we  can best refer to it as  a shift in consciousness or the unlimited expansion process coming from deep within. A spiritual awakening can be a transformative, enlightening, and an extremely powerful force that moves you from one perception of reality to a new level of experiencing, connecting and participating in this interconnected weave of life. Its perfect grace that opens your eyes to the oneness inherent in all things, and the truth of who you really are.

It all sounds wonderful! One minute your unconsciously living in the world and the next your conscious, aware and open to the beauty of life.


Its not always an easy transition. In fact, as exciting and illuminating as awakening and enlightenment seems its a destructive, and life altering process that challenges all you’ve ever known and who you think you are. It can be hard and downright scary to go through all this by yourself.

What we are waking up to collectively is the innate knowing that we are all one, that nothing and no one is isolated in existence. So while you may be in the midst of  your own unique awakening experience and no one can understand it quite like you, we are all headed in the same direction which is the remembrance and recognition of our one divine essence.

The planet as a whole is becoming more and more conscious.  Everyday someones world comes undone, everyday people experience paradigm shifts without warning. Once you have embarked on your awakening adventure you may have noticed that every day is different from the last as you untangle the web of knowing and move into the space of pure, untouched ambiguity.

It’s important to note: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. No matter what is happening in your life right this minute, you are divinely lead to exactly what you need.

We hope we can be apart of your crazy beautiful journey.

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Amie Escher, MA, MSC.D

Welcome to One Awakening, my name is Amie Escher. I am the founder of One Awakening and I work as a holistic/spiritual psychotherapist in Sacramento, California. I received my non-secular Doctorate in Metaphysical Science in 2009 and worked as a Soul Awareness Life Coach for 5 years before becoming a counselor. I am also certified in the Book of Life/The Akashic Records.All together, I have led over a hundred classes, workshops, courses and in person/distant readings.

A bit about what led me here: my spiritual journey started very young when I was just twelve years old. I was a sensitive child and soon discovered I had psychic/empathic abilities. I felt “older” inside and intuitively knew I was meant to be a teacher. I have always had his deep inner knowing about who I really was and what I was here to do.

Like many of you, my spiritual awakening journey has been filled with a series of significant losses, wake up calls, and dark nights of the soul. I discovered my purpose was to help others awaken to their spiritual divinity, to ultimately shatter the glass of illusions that keep us stuck in suffering and disconnected as human beings. Through the Akashic Records, I was given the vision of One Awakening in order to cultivate more peace, joy and connection on our planet. With my background in mental health and spirituality, I felt this calling to bring the tools, resources and community to more than just my circle of clients- but now to the whole world.

If you are interested in counseling (only available in CA) or one on coaching (available everywhere) please let me know by using the contact form below. I can’t wait to meet you and see if I can become apart of your beautiful life journey to remembering your wholeness.

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