A Unique Global Journey Into Oneness

In the One Awakening Community you will find a loving, vibrant space to expand your conscious awareness and cultivate the power of infinite love, joy, and inner peace. As you explore the treasures held within you’ll have the opportunity to heal, connect, and soar…into the depths of Who You Are.



Soul Alignment Courses- COMING SOON!

Look forward to an inward adventure! As part of the One Awakening membership, we will offer self paced online courses that provide you with the tools you need to learn, evolve, and transform. Our courses help you remember and align with the infinite qualities of your soul. Become apart of the One Awakening membership to be the first to find out about these exciting new courses. 

Virtual Retreats- COMING SOON!

Live virtual retreats will soon be offered to One Awakening members: 

Prepare for  rejuvenation, incredible insights, and blissful relaxation as you embark on exciting new adventures in the comfort of your home! One Awakening Virtual Retreats gives you the opportunity to nurture yourself from where you are. We bring the retreat to you so you can rest easy. Similar to our courses, you’ll have the opportunity to grow from within but unlike our self paced courses, our virtual retreats are live and provide group learning/interaction. 

Enter The Sacred One Awakening Sanctuary

Imagine that you have a private sanctuary which offers the opportunity to travel deep within- to the core of who you really are. A place where you can enliven your joy filled being, relax into the waters of your soul, and recognize the unending truth that you have never been and never will be truly alone. As you open the door to your Sacred Awakening Sanctuary you will discover gifts and blessings of all varieties. Inside the virtual Sanctuary you will find three sections of spaces to explore : The Meditation, Investigation, and Connection rooms. Each room comes with it’s own infinite possibility meant to be a heart opening discovery on whatever path you find yourself on. Here is the offering of peace, of self discovery, and of a conscious awakening that always starts with you♥

Meditation Rooms

Find peace, tranquility and relaxation in the Meditation Rooms where you’ll have access to breathtaking visually based meditations, have the opportunity to create and share guided meditations, and have access to supportive meditation resources as you begin or deepen your journey to inner stillness.

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Investigation Rooms

Travel into the awareness of your inner process by stepping into the Investigation Rooms. Here you have access to dynamic self inquiry tools which provide the ability to track and transcend your reactive mind patterns to create more space for peace, love and infinite joy.

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Connection Rooms

Be prepared for a heart opening experience in the Connection Rooms where you will have the opportunity to create and/or join online as well as in person meet-up groups. Discover ways to dissolve the illusion of separateness between others who don’t always share the same viewpoints. Cultivate compassion and love towards all of humanity. Let’s wake up together!

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