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How to know if you are on the spiritual awakening journey?

 You begin the moment you decide that a life of suffering is no longer for you. Yes, you are being called to this path, to awaken to the knowing that you are a beautiful, divine Soul here to uplift the planet and live a joyful and meaningful life.

Being on the spiritual awakening path can be lonely, confusing and terrifyingly life altering: but you are not alone! As a licensed holistic therapist, healer and mindfulness teacher, I help you navigate the challenges on your unique spiritual awakening journey.

I'm Amie Dean

And surrendering with a deep trust that all is well 

Living A Soul Inspired Life

And merging with your Higher Self for unity consciousness

Effortlessly Embodying A State Of Calm Presence 

And healing from deep trauma 

Transcending the minds negative patterns 

Awakening means...

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 You weren’t meant to do this alone... become 
 a part of a supportive community that fosters self awareness and a deep sense of belonging

-Ann C 

“I feel much more in touch with my intuition and my soul! Amie offers an extraordinary solution to the challenges on the spiritual path” 

-crystal C 

“It's amazing how much peace and direction I have in my life now after taking Amie’s classes and courses. And when I re-listen to Amie’s teachings I always learn something brand new” 

- glenn h

"Amie is an excellent facilitator- She has a gift of connecting and creating a level of comfort in a group. I have already noticed big changes within myself from just one class with her” 

- marian

“I am so impressed with Amie’s courses and content. The powerful way she teaches helped me tap into my intuition and clear out stuck patterns that nothing else would even touch!”

- christine

“The courses and teachings have helped me connect with my higher self and clear out stuck blockages. I definitely have received incredible messages of who I am as love and knowing/being known!”

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Reflect on your growth with powerful measures that help you see movement forward on the spiritual path 


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