Clear Out Your Negative Beliefs

According to research conducted at Yale University, the subconscious mind is a pervasive, powerful influence over higher mental processes. This is the opposite of the cognitive psychology model, which does not give much power to the subconscious mind as a whole. This subject has been one to strike many new research efforts to discover how our unconscious mind works. I want to show you how to clear out your negative beliefs.

Clear Out Your Negative Beliefs

Your Conscious versus Subconscious Mind
The Conscious mind makes approximately 10% of our decisions. While the subconscious makes 90% of our decisions. Our conscious mind is the part of ourselves that is aware of everything around us.
The subconscious mind works behind the scenes. It is a very powerful part of our minds that is not under conscious control. It stores all the information from the day you were born. You can think of the subconscious mind like a video recorder. It is recording your thought, emotions, actions, and experiences. It gathers information and determines what you do on a conscious level.
A hypnotherapist is a trained professional that uses specific techniques to retrieve and change information in your subconscious mind. This has been proven to change people’s behaviors, so they act differently consciously. Many people have changed their subconscious mind patterns to quit smoking, lose weight, and change many other unwanted habits.
To break this down even further, you can see the outline below that better explains the functions of the conscious and subconscious mind:
Conscious Mind: Analytical, Thought Processes, Problem Solving, Short Term Memory
Subconscious Mind:Driver of Emotions,Habits,Addictions,Involuntary Body Functions,Intuition
The problem with the subconscious mind is that most times, we are unaware of the debris that is causing us to want/need something that may not be best for us.
Take a moment now to…
Consider your answers to a few questions so you can explore what’s going on in your subconscious mind a little better.
1. Have you ever made decisions that you did not understand? If so, make a note of one experience on paper that stands out to you. How did it feel when you were not clear about why you were acting or thinking the way you expected?
2. Are there any unhealthy habits that you have tried to break away from but could not? If so, what have you tried that did not work?
3. Are there any unhealthy habits that you have broken away from? If so, what did you try that worked?
4. Do you recognize any repeating patterns in your life (for example, repetitive relationships, money, or health problems)?
The most important thing to understand is that none of these situations that were created actually tell you who you really are. In fact, everything is changeable.
What can you do to change the way your subconscious processes information?
Whatever is vulnerable to change in your life is not who you are but instead a signal leading you to discover the true aspects of yourself.
The main focus now is on what you can do to change the way your subconscious processes information. This is the first step because, without this change, you unconsciously attract and create situations that are not for your highest good.
Exercise ~ Identifying Your Negative Beliefs
In your course notebook or on a notepad, identify and write down the negative belief systems that may be hindering the manifestation of your desires.
1. To start, make a list of your top three fears and your top three hopes or desires.
For example… If your main fear is that you will work towards a goal and fail at achieving it. Your belief would be, “I could fail at this goal.”
2. After you are finished, cut the table in half, so the negative beliefs and positive beliefs are separated.
3. As, you are saying your new positive beliefs, rip up the negative beliefs.
Free-form writing is an easy technique for vacuuming out those stubborn negative thoughts that lodge in your unconscious and subconscious. You can create these elements by repressing things, by obsessing, and by being “possessed” by such things as smoking, alcohol, and food. Doing free form writing is especially helpful for clearing away these kinds of negative influences, and it can bring in a boost of energy as you let them go…
Start by dedicating a journal to your free form writing process and try to dedicate time to it as much as possible.
After reviewing all the information and discovering more about the way your mind works, take some time to reflect on how you feel. Oftentimes, changes are subtle in our lives, and we might not see how things have changed until we are faced with a new situation. These tools will help you to create the life you want and, most importantly, the life you deserve.

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