Why You MUST Ascend To The 5th Dimension (and How To Do It)

What is the 5th dimension

This blog post includes channeled material from my Akashic Records to give you the best, in-depth knowledge of this subject.
By the end of this post, you will:

  1. Learn what the 5th dimension is
  2. Discover the importance of ascending to the 5th dimension
  3. Learn how to ascend to the 5th dimension (it’s not as hard as you may think!)

The 3 Dimensional Problem

Collectively as human beings, we are lost. As a whole, we are so outward focused that doing in our lives becomes more important than being. This is taking a toll on our spiritual health- we are a tired, burnt out, and stressed-out society. Unless we understand the impact of this on our mental, emotional and physical health (not to mention the quality of our relationships), we will be stuck in an endless loop of believing we must do before we can come back to our true essence of spiritual beings.
The solution?
We need to ascend to the 5th dimension.

What & Where Is The 5th Dimension?

It sounds so big and vast and intense, doesn’t it? But truthfully, the 5th dimension is just a state of consciousness, also known as a state of mind. You may be tempted to look for some dimensional reality outside yourself to understand this, but the only place you can discover this dimension is within your own psyche. You are already familiar with the 3rd dimension as the dimension or state of consciousness that we are collectively in most of the time. In the 3D state, we are stuck in duality- right and wrong, yes and no, this or that. The ego state is heavily centered in the 3D state of consciousness. Where is also the wrong question- which is why some of us can get so confused. It is more “How” than where. How you get, there is in your own mind, by lifting your thoughts to a higher vibration and making space in your mind for the 5th dimension to come through. More on that here soon…

Unconditional Love and Flow

The 5th dimension of consciousness is an inner place of calm and peace. You are present. You are not afraid. This is when the light of your consciousness begins to shine forth, and you are awakening to who you are. The 5D is about flow; nothing is graspable. When you feel that sense of flow in your life and your day, you are entering the 5D world. As soon you sense control or disconnection from the natural world, you have stepped back into the 3D dream.
The 5th dimension is more connected to who we really are than the 3D state; that’s why you can sometimes feel the longing- as if you are not home within yourself. The 5D state contains the frequency of unconditional love, which is the very substance of who we are. It is impossible for negativity to exist here. It’s an uplifting sensation of knowing you are connected to everyone and all that is, that there is no separation from the divine.

Reflecting On Your Experiences

Now let’s do a check in-. Do you remember times when you have been in the 5th-dimensional state? Maybe it was a time when you held your newborn baby for the first time or a time when you really connected with the beauty of nature. For many, this may have been a fleeting experience, but for some, you may have noticed you were in this state for days or even weeks at a time. This can be referred to as the enlightened or self-realized state.
Take a few moments now to close your eyes and remember the times you have entered the 5D state- even if it was just for a few moments. Take a few notes if you can; these are clues for how you can raise your consciousness moving forward.

Ascend to The 5th Dimension

With words like enlightenment or self-realization, it may feel as if this state is unattainable or at least difficult to experience. However, it is not only attainable, but it is the direction that humanity must head in for us to evolve and step into the truth of who we are. The following provides an overview of ways to ascend to the 5th dimension and helpful tips to guide you there.

Stilling The Mind

You already know what 3D feels like. It is busy, task-oriented, focused, and doing mode. The 4th dimension is astral, so it’s much lighter. It is when you are starting to enter that sleep state or when you begin to enter the alpha state. It’s very subtle, and you may not notice the difference between one to the next. First things first, you must quiet the mind. The mind is the responsible or irresponsible creator. As you quiet the mind, creativity flows, and there is no room for the divine messages to arise from within. Before, there is too much internal clutter, too much mind junk that keeps an individual from fully reaching that full spiritual potential. It will come in waves either way, as the planet is not quite ready for the full 5 D experience. You will feel pulled in, at times, into the 3D experience but know that it is only to help catapult you further along your journey. Meditation is so important! I highly suggest you join the free Awakening Spiritually Together group to help you start or commit to your regular practice. It also includes a startup guide to make it easy to begin. Click here to get started.

The Akashic Records

Once you ascend to the 5th dimension, you are home in the Records. The Akashic Records is the etheric library of all of your Souls records. In many ways, the hall of the Records is the foundational place in the 5th dimension and leads outwards to many other 5D discoveries. In the Akashic Records, you have access to your past, present, and future ideologies. In the One Awakening Institute, we teach a very specific and unique method to help you access your Akashic Records. At the bottom of this post, you will have a chance to download your Akashic Records Guidebook, which will guide you to a healing meditation to have a first-hand experience of your Records.

Simple Ways To Ascend to The 5th Dimensional State Right Now

When you feel that sense of flow in your life and in your day, you are entering the 5D world. As soon as you sense control or disconnection from the natural world, you have stepped back into the 3D dream. It is all a dream, truly. All is the dream of form. There is nothing for you to do or be. Much of your journey is about letting go of what you thought you needed to be fully yourself. As human beings, we have ventured into the vast unknown with only stories to guide our way. These stories will only lead you down the illusory path of I as an egoic individual who feels separate from the whole. Make more space in your day to day life to feel- not to half-heartedly go within but to close your eyes and place your awareness within. With enough focus (feel your heartbeat, feel your hands, and your body as a whole), you will feel the vibratory energy of who you are. That is, life-sustaining and life-altering. The more you are in touch with your essence, which is wordless and formless- the more the 3D world falls away within you. You will start to see reality as it is instead of the filters you have lived behind. It only takes a little puncture in the darkness of illusion to see the light shining through. In time, the earth will vibrate at the higher frequencies, but until then- it’s important for you to focus on raising yours.

Are you ready to go deeper? Download your FREE Akashic Records Guidebook to learn more about how to ascend to the 5th dimension, and have an Akashic Records experience of your own.

Akashic Records Guidebook

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I’d love to hear from you! What did you discover about the 5th dimension? Did you discover a time when you were able to access the 5th dimension? Post in the comments below.

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