Who Am I Really? The Truth About Who You Are

who am I really

This will help you:

  1. Understand the illusory nature of your everyday world
  2. Discover your true power as a creator
  3. Learn how to tap into the truth of who you are everyday
  4. Answer the question, Who Am I Really?

Is Life A Dream?

This question has been asked by many religious and spiritual traditions in order to help us dive deeper into the nature of reality. Unfortunately, the answer is not as clear cut as we might hope. First, we might define a dream. The dictionary defines a dream as a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep. Based on research on brain wave patterns, we have determined that the various brain wave frequencies that let us know if we are in a sleeping vs a waking state. For example, our brain is in a delta (.05-3 Hz) most of the time we are asleep (if we are getting good quality deep sleep) and while in an active mind state we are in the beta (14-40 Hz) state. In between, we can move into theta (4-7 Hz) and alpha (8-13 Hz) states as well. The theta and alpha states are mostly associated with meditation and visualization and theta is connected to dreaming. So, we can measure our waking state vs. our dream state based on these brain wave patterns. However, while this may be helpful in determining changing states of consciousness, this is just taking a look through our mind based filters and just one way we have come up with explaining our waking vs. sleeping reality.
Our mind has so many interpretations, opinions, and labels for everyone and everything. Is it possible this could get in the way of experiencing true reality? According to the Akashic Records readings I have practiced, I have learned that everything is not what it seems. Let’s take a deeper look into this perspective based on the word for word information I received in my own Records (please note that this is only my truth in the Records, and I always encourage you to determine yours first and foremost)
The information I received in the Records:
As a Soul, you have forgotten what’s real. You have mixed your ideas of truth and falsehood in order to both enjoy and challenge yourself in this 3-dimensional world. The truth is, you are infinite! Unlimited and Unboundless. But of course, these may feel like meer words compared to the reality of them. As a Soul, you created a world fraught with obstacles and perceivable problems in order to help you grow and expand in consciousness. In truth, your world is what you make it. You have a choice in any given moment to turn the corner and determine what you want to see. Clear seeing means that you are opening your internal eyes to the beauty of who you are and the unity of all. The ultimate goal is to awaken from this dream of form that you have so powerfully created. Everyone is a divine being of God, perfect in every possible way.

You Are A Powerful Creator

And there’s more. According to the Akashic Records, you are so powerful that you created your own conditioning in order to realize your true self. Yes. You created the life you are now living; you etched the contract with the Light Being in the Records long before you were born. You may have made different decisions along the way but everytime you got off track with your purpose, I am sure you felt it as an emptiness inside. Emotions are meant to remind you of your Soul’s true path.
Which brings us to the topic of emotions. Emotions bring you back to the foundation of truth. Whenever you are out of alignment with your truth- it hurts inside. Whenever you are connected with your truth- you feel alive. It’s as simple as that. There are times when you may feel confused and uncertain. Those are moments of great potential power- those are the times you are stepping outside your normal conditioning to explore the possibilities beyond your consciousness. You may not recognize this in the moment, but confusion is just the next doorway to understanding. Therefore, it is important to embrace all the emotions you experience as they are tools for your spiritual journey. You have decided which tools you need to help you awaken to the truth of who you are.
As you may have noticed you wont always experience this sense of worthiness (in fact, you’ll be up against the opposite- unworthiness- quite often). One big obstacle is facing the illusory part of you that says you are unworthy. Or you might find that it’s hard to accept so much love or love yourself so deeply because you didn’t grow up with this experience. However, these are just pathways back home as well. If I have learned anything from the Akashic Records it is that in this life nothing can TRULY take you away from who you are, only from the experience of it. And just because you don’t have the experience of it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Take a planted seed to grow a tree, for example; just because you can’t see the tree doesn’t mean it’s not there- its just in a different form; it hasn’t matured yet to recognize its fullness.

How To Discover Your True Self

In order to truly know yourself as the divine being you are and answer the question, Who Am I Really? a few things are necessary :

  1. Begin to let go of expectations for things to be different then they are and take back your power in knowing that your soul wants each and every experience in other to fulfill its highest desires of growth and evolution (I know it hurts!!)
  2. Give yourself daily reminders (sticky notes, reminders on your phone, etc.) about your beautiful, perfect essence, and nothing out there will add to who you truly are
  3. You must sit quietly with yourself-smiling at the minds antics- knowing that it isn’t you. Feel the emotions that arise, letting them in, knowing that it isn’t YOU. Feel the physical sensations that move continuously through your body, knowing that it isn’t YOU.

Here are a few more actionable tips :
*Choose one of these phrases to repeat to yourself daily or create one of your own:
I embrace all that is in the knowledge that it is not absolute
I embrace all that is knowing that I am the awareness that witnesses it all
-Choose love each day, whether it’s giving to another or giving to yourself. It’s all the same either way. As you choose love, you rise to the higher frequencies and can more readily experience the truth of who you are.
-Sit quietly in mediation as much as possible. The world is noisy, but only the world in your head (since that’s the only real one that exists) to quiet the noise is to make room for the divine to come through.
Come back to this teaching regularly. And soon you will see- you are the light in this world. You are the world!
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