5 Signs You’re Ignoring Your Higher Self and How To Reconnect

5 signs your ignoring your higher self

What you’ll learn about your Higher Self in this post:

  1. Discover the truth about your Higher Self
  2. Learn the 5 signs that you are ignoring your Higher Self
  3. Learn how to re-connect with your Higher Self + Free meditation

What Is Your Higher Self?

Your Higher Self is the ascended part of your Soul, also known as the Oversoul. The Soul is a light body (also known as an astral body) that travels from lifetime to lifetime, experiencing all that it chooses to experience and is directly connected to the personality. The Soul itself can feel disconnected from the whole of life as you go on this life journey- unless you’re connected with your Higher Self or Oversoul. The Higher Self is still deeply connected to the higher realms; it is the part of you that is love and only love and never hurt or negatively affected by your experiences. Your Soul can be affected by the traumas and difficulties of life, but your Soul can also be cleansed of these experiences; nothing is permanent. Another important thing to consider is that the Soul may believe it’s disconnected from the Higher Self, but it is only a perception difference that causes this reality. The goal is not to try and create a connection between the Soul and Higher Self, but to remember that there IS already the connection- it just needs to be cultivated. Think of it this way; your Soul can experience and identify with all lower dimensions of experience while your Higher Self only exists in the higher dimensions.
Your Higher Self is the one who provides intuitive messages that get passed down to your Soul and filtered through your ego. You may have noticed that fear clouds your judgment of making decisions in your day to day life. What happens is the ego translates the experience you are receiving from your old conditioned patterns. These patterns have been etched within your conscious and subconscious mind since birth (and before that in some cases). For example, let’s say your Higher Self is guiding you to leave a relationship that isn’t serving your highest good. This information gets passed down to your Soul and is filtered through the ego. The ego then takes this uncomfortable intuitive feeling and begins to ruminate about how you might never find another relationship because of XYZ, so you must stay together. Alternatively, the ego may get triggered by this feeling relayed by your Higher Self. Let’s say this brings up memories or somatic experiences of the divorce your parents went through and how you were affected- you may start to internalize this if you don’t understand what is happening. There is the possibility that you might even suppress these emotions causing you to stay in a relationship that isn’t working for many years.
Self-compassion is most needed in these situations! We have to remember that these are not failings of ours when we aren’t able to hear the Higher Self. In fact, it is part of our Soul’s journey to go through these experiences. Now to take a look at the 5 signs you’re ignoring your Higher Self and ways to reconnect.

Five Signs That You Are Ignoring Your Higher Self:

  1. You’re too busy, and don’t take any or very little time to yourself. As a result, your Higher Self cant come through. Since this part of you lives in the higher dimensions, the messages cant reach you if your mind is too busy.
  2. You have a gut-wrenching feeling- this could be while making decisions or just off and on in your daily life. That feeling in the pit of your stomach can be a sign that you are avoiding your Higher Self’s guidance. Please note that this is different from the nervous butterflies feeling you get when you’re afraid of the next step. This pit is noticeable; your stomach may even physically hurt.
  3. Panic attacks or regular episodes of anxiety– this is different from the last one since the pit in your stomach may not be connected to normal symptoms of anxiety. This may look like shaking, sweating, nightmares, worrisome thoughts, and more. This experience is a sign that you’ve cut off (temporarily) from your Higher Self.
  4. Feeling scattered, unfocused, or experiencing dizziness – this could be your Higher Self trying to send you messages, but because of the disconnect between consciousness states, you are experiencing these symptoms. It could also be connected to diet, illness, and other factors, so please see a doctor if you need to:)
  5. You’re feeling irritable or down in the dumps without a clear reason why– yes, this could be due to diet, hormones, and brain chemistry factors, but these factors in themselves can also create a sense of disconnect.

In times like these, when you find yourself unable to hear your Higher Self’s messages, I invite you to place your hand on your heart and remind yourself that you are doing the best you can. Sometimes when we think we are lost, it is only an unseen pathway that we needed for our deepest growth. Ignoring your Higher Self is common and just requires self-awareness and commitment to change.

How To Reconnect With Your Higher Self

Get ready for a meditation experience to meet your Higher Self! I recommend taking some distraction-free time to go within. You can either read this meditation to yourself and do this on your own or use the guided version at the end of this page. The guided version includes brainwave enhanced music to help you reach higher vibration of consciousness.
First, this requires a comfortable place to sit and a pen and paper to journal. Close your eyes and sense how your body feels in the here and now. Breathe into the count of 5, hold for 5, and breathe out to the count of 5 for a round of 3 breaths. Once you feel settled and more relaxed, imagine yourself in a beautiful garden where you will invite your Higher Self to join you and ask the following questions:

  1. How can I raise my vibration to connect with you daily?
  2. What are some things I do don’t do that disconnects from you?
  3. Any question you want to know?

After you receive the answers, ask your higher self to merge with you through the top of your head or your heart. Ask your Higher Self what sign will be given when you start to get off track and out of alignment.


The Higher Self is our inner guidance system that is deeply connected to the Divine. This guidance system is available to us at all times, although sometimes we may be stuck in emotional turmoil and may be unable to hear those messages. There is always a way to reconnect with your Soul/Higher Self, even when you feel you have hit rock bottom. This beautiful, infinite part of you is always available- you just have to open to the wisdom waiting for you.

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Would you like to Meet Your Higher Self?

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