Discover 6 Stages On Your Spiritual Awakening Journey

Spiritual Awakening Journey

Welcome To Your Spiritual Awakening Journey

As we embark on the spiritual awakening journey, we encounter several stages or growth points along the way. As a psychotherapist and researcher, I have spent a considerable amount of time exploring the human psyche to discover how psychology and spirituality can help us best understand the truth of who we are as divine spiritual beings. I have discovered six major stages to the spiritual awakening journey that will help you identify where you are (currently) along this path and how to deepen your spiritual growth.

As a disclaimer, though, of course, I must caution you against seeing any part of this as “ultimate truth.” Truth can only be discovered within. These stages are offered to you as signposts to help you access the truth and deep knowing within your Soul. Another important piece of information to take with you on the journey is that no matter what stage you may identify the most with right now, it is in no way a reflection of who you really are!

There is no right or wrong or stages that are “better than” the others. For example, stage 3 is not better than stage 1. It is only a temporary snapshot of our journey. The reality is you are already a beautiful, divine, perfect being and this human journey is only here to help us remember this knowing.


Introduction To Your Spiritual Awakening Journey

I acknowledge that we are at different spiritual growth stages within various areas of our lives. Therefore, I have created these stages in the context of work + money, health + body image, emotions + beliefs, and relationships. This is still a simplified version of our spiritual growth stages as we may change so drastically in the face of changes in these areas of our lives. Still, these stages are meant to help you see the stuck points on your journey so you can begin the process of coming back home to your Soul.


The Six Spiritual Growth Stages

The following is an introduction to the six spiritual growth stages you may experience along your spiritual journey. If you haven’t already taken the four quizzes in each category (work + money, health + body image, emotions, +beliefs, and relationships), you can take the free quiz here to find out what stage you are at in different areas of your life.
Health and Body Image Quiz:
Work and Money Quiz:
Emotions and Beliefs Quiz:
Relationships Quiz:

Once you take at least one of the quizzes, come back here to explore the different stages and the stage results you received. You may want to toggle between the quizzes and this page as a way of exploring each one more easily. Below are the basic foundational information of each stage and a link to a more in-depth explanation.

Spiritual Growth Stage #1: Survival

In stage one, a person is stuck in a primal consciousness of fear and survival. In this state, a person can easily become consumed by negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Their life may not feel as if it is their own and feel constantly run by thought/emotional programs creating a cycle of distress.

To learn much more and to discover how to heal/recover from this stage- read this blog post.

Spiritual Growth Stage #2: Inner Conflict

In Stage 2- Internal Conflict, a person is typically motivated to be in the world, to be social and connected. The body is the means of which to strengthen identity. The experience of the body includes a strong identification with “me” and the world of duality (right/wrong) (stupid/smart) (strong/weak). Self-esteem is an important focus- either on improving it or not feeling enough. There is a continual conflict with the way the world is vs. how a person in this stage wants it to be.

To learn much more about this stage and how to deepen your spiritual growth, click here.

Spiritual Growth Stage #3: Exploration

In this spiritual growth stage, a person would be most interested in tapping into their inner power to create more joy and peace for themselves. They might also be interested in personal or spiritual development as a way of improving their lives. Some people in this stage may be driven to find their higher purpose or their deeper path. They acknowledge a desire to make a positive difference in the world. There can be a deep dissatisfaction with a job or life that isn’t meaningful, creating a larger drive towards a better life.

To learn much more about this stage and how to deepen your spiritual growth, click here.

Spiritual Growth Stage #4: Awakening

In stage 4, inner peace becomes more important than any other goal or pursuit. A person in this stage is in a state of willingness to surrender to what is. A person in this stage spends most of their waking life focused on building awareness of the inner wounds/fragmented parts and disruptive mind patterns that have become so difficult to live with. A sense of distance or defusion of thoughts and emotions begins to take place- this person doesn’t believe everything they think. They become the watchers of their inner world as an ongoing experience focusing on living in the present moment as the only way to truly live.

To learn much more about this stage and how to deepen your spiritual growth, click here.

Spiritual Growth Stage #5: The Shift

In the shift stage, a person is undergoing a big transition out of the ego-mind self permanently and into the transcendent self in stage 6. This in-between phase can be disorienting and confusing as the old system of consciousness is deteriorating. This stage begins the journey past the need to achieve and become anything, but rather to merge with what is complete. This can be a disorienting and confusing stage; it can result in a loss of identity, of the ego-mind fading away.

To learn much more about this stage and how to deepen your spiritual growth, click here.


Spiritual Growth Stage #6: Transcendence

In the transcendence stage, a person is no longer bothered by their thoughts, emotions, and sensations. They are like wispy clouds on the state of their consciousness. This is a stage of full alignment, unity, and connection with all. This stage is the release of personal will and the need to be identified as any particular person. This state has been called by many different names- enlightenment, non-dual awareness, pure awareness, higher consciousness, etc.

To learn much more about this stage and how to deepen your spiritual growth, click here.

Akashic Records Journey Toolkits

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, One Awakening offers downloadable Spiritual Journey Kits to help you create more love, peace, and joy in your everyday life by helping you access the power of your Akashic Records. Each toolkit is carefully crafted to work through the challenges in the stages. Each toolkit contains resources to work through all the 4 life categories- Health/Body, Work/Money, Emotions/Beliefs, and Relationships. If you took all four quizzes and realized that you are in several different stages in different areas of your life, this is common! Check out the info below to help you choose your kit. These are available for pre-order now.

Two Easy Ways To Choose Your Akashic Kit

1. If you took the quizzes, you may notice a theme with the spiritual growth stage you are in within the different life categories. For example, if you received Stage 5 for Health, Stage 3 for Relationships, Stage 2 for Money/Work, and Stage 3 for Spiritual/Emotional, the Stage 3 kit would be best and considered your “Core” stage since you are in this stage in at least two categories.
2. If you’re just ready to get started and aren’t interested in taking the quizzes (or have already taken them and received multiple-stage results) – no worries! You can click the link below and choose what you need the most right now. There is no wrong way to choose! Let your intuition guide the way based on the descriptions for each kit.

The kits are on sale for over 60% off as a pre-sale if you order by June 10th.

Courses are originally $47 and have been discounted to $17!

Click here to pre-order your downloadable kit.

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