Spiritual Growth Stage 5-The Shift

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Spiritual Growth Stage 5-The Shift

In the Spiritual Growth Stage 5-The Shift stage, a person is undergoing a big transition out of the ego-mind self permanently and into the transcendent self in stage 6. This in-between phase can be disorienting and confusing as the old system of consciousness is deteriorating. This stage begins the journey past the need to achieve and become anything, but rather to merge with “what is” completely. As old goals fade away, it doesn’t mean they are unable to be in the world. Instead, life continues to present challenges, and they take inspired action in the moment.
This can be a disorienting and confusing stage; it can result in a loss of identity, of the ego-mind fading away. A person in this stage might be going through a range of moods and emotions as they transition into a more permanent awakened state. There may be some or a lot of grief about the loss of one’s false identity. Not everyone from the earlier stages enters into this stage, and the more shocking the spiritual awakening occurrence is in one’s life, the more likely they will experience this stage.
Just like in stage 4, there is a greater sense of unity with not only one’s own inner circle of friends and family but to strangers and others unlike themselves. They feel a great sense of compassion for beings and enjoy being by themselves or in nature. Unlike in stage 4, the witnessing presence is now stronger, and they are much more aware, which makes it hard to grasp time and reality at times.
In this stage, there may be problems with focus, sleeplessness, and keeping routines. The thought patterns and processes that were so familiar before are barely understandable now. The mind is quieter, and yet it doesn’t bring as much solace as before. This is a real growing pains experience and one that can be necessary for some to fully let go before entering stage 6.
There can be a sense of bliss one minute and a being pulled back into the ego-mind of reactivity in another. The difference between this and other stages is that a person is so highly aware of their inner processes that it becomes too painful inside to identify with anymore. A person in this stage can get confused by why they still have certain reactions.
Some may feel a sense of superiority towards others who aren’t as spiritual or awake. Still, it’s usually counteracted by the awareness that this just is another sneaky way the ego comes in to stay alive. There may be a sense of meaninglessness in this stage- “a what’s the point” kind of feeling since there is no longer seeking and achieving.

Typical Thought Patterns

What is real or illusion?

Is this it?

I’m completely lost

I am not ______name

Common Emotional Patterns


Emotional highs and lows-but with a distinct witnessing presence




Lifestyle/Behavioral Patterns


Deactivated Will



How It Shows Up In The 4 Major Life Categories

Relationships: There may be more chaos in relationships in stage 5 compared to stage 4 and 6. In the Spiritual Growth Stage 5-The Shift, people may show up differently to others. The ending of relationships is a more surrendered experience- relationships just fall away with a sense of background, knowing that all is well. Some may notice a distinct difference in this person and feel like it’s not the person I married or not the person I became friends with and seek to regain stability in the relationship. Some friendships and partnerships may end due to not having commonalities, and others become much deeper, richer, and more connective.

Work/money: In stage 5, work and money just don’t have any meaning anymore. There a feeling of not finding the purpose of the job/role the person is in, and money is seen as an equal to everything else (not good nor bad). There is no need for work or money in this state. The old programs are falling away to the point of distance from the old fears, unlike in stage 4, where these fears still made a ripple in the pond.

Spiritual/emotional– A person in this stage is far removed from the emotions and thoughts; however, it may seem as if they increase in intensity at first. It can be a confusing mix of up and down emotions. The path forward is total and complete surrender- the not knowingness of what is arising and what comes next.
It can possibly be like moving through a dark tunnel moving through the darkness into the possibility of light. There is an important falling away of the personal mind- of no longer identifying with oneself as the person with a name, age, history, etc. The voice and understanding of the soul are emerging more readily in the empty spaces of the mind.

Health and body- There may be a mixture of different feelings about the body- on the one hand; there is a deep knowing that this isn’t the Self/Soul, and on the other hand, there is a deep compassion and gratitude for the body’s role in the day to day experience. A person can oscillate between feeling intense gratitude and love for their body. At other times it can feel like a hindrance to going deeper into the next stage of spiritual growth.

The Next Level of Spiritual Growth- Transcendence

In Stage 6, Transcendence, a person is no longer bothered by their thoughts, emotions, and sensations. They are like whisky clouds on the state of their consciousness. This is a state of alignment and unity consciousness, this is a state many sages/masters have reached, yet it is not as mystical as it seems.
This is truly our divine calling; this is who we truly are. A person in this stage is not attached to the body- there is a deep understanding that the body is not who they are, and therefore there is a real acceptance of the end of life in this body. There is no fear, no worries around leaving this body, just a total and complete openness to whatever happens next.
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The Spiritual Growth Journey

To move forward on this spiritual growth journey, it is so important to let go and allow what arises in each moment. For example, allowing the confusion to be what it is instead of resisting or trying to control it, allowing pain to be here, allowing difficult thoughts to be here. It helps to meditate often in order to break through any ego traps still leftover in the mind. It’s also so important to recognize that while these are stages of spiritual growth and awakening, there needs to be a complete letting go about permanent enlightenment/transcendence in Stage 6; otherwise, this again becomes another ego trap.

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Please note that this information is not a substitute for mental or physical health care; please consult with your providers if in need of support and additional resources.

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