Spiritual Growth Stage 6- Transcendence

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Spiritual Growth Stage 6- Transcendence

In the transcendence stage, a person is no longer bothered by their thoughts, emotions and sensations. They are like whispy clouds on the state of their consciousness. This is a stage of full alignment, unity and connection with all.This stage is the release of personal will and the need to be identified as any particular person. This state has been called by many different names- enlightenment, non- dual awareness, pure awareness, higher consciousness and more,
We sometimes believe this state is either unattainable or difficult to attain and experience. However, this is our natural state– a mind unconditioned with ideas, beliefs and conceptions about the world and our place in it.This is the non dual state of mind where we finally sit from the seat of our Self/Soul as the pure untouched witness of our day to day experience. We are still living the life of a human being, however we are no longer wrought with the heaviness of personal self/The ego mind.
Its quite difficult to describe this stage in its entirety due to the transcendent openness of a persons experience. Words lose their significance as truth becomes an inner experience rather than a conceptual idea. For most there is a great joy, bliss or a peaceful knowing that all is perfection. There is a deep unmovable knowing that everyone and everything is truly one. There is no desire to appease a separate self. There is a profound recognition that others are the needs of one. Each person is seen as a mirrored version of oneself.
A person reaching this stage has either stumbled upon it due to a life of intense suffering and/or has seen through experience that the world out there will never provide the peace and joy that theyve been seeking. The level of the personality/personal will is no longer important and instead this person is guided by Divine will. There is an understanding that the ego itself was “dreamlike” and that the only path is pure devotion to truth.
It is extremely common to tap into this state of experience during certain periods of life and many people have experienced whats called a “non-abiding (or temporary) awakening”. Most people who have felt this shift from within have been changed forever by the experience. Those who have had a glimpse of this stage or have experienced it on and off throughout their life know that nothing in the world compares to the essence of this immensely powerful experience.
There is a natural human search for a more permanent/abiding state of awakening, however as we turn this into a goal, we move further from it’s reality. As we seek, we forget that it’s already here. Truth is just waiting for us to discover it. In all honesty, it’s perfectly fine to not reach this permanent state of awakening because even a glimpse of this will transform a persons life…forever.

Typical Thought Patterns

Thoughts do not flow as they did before, the mind is much, much quieter.The only thoughts that arise are ones that come out of this natural state of presence and ease and they flow with what is in each moment. These thoughts may also be inspired thoughts or creative thoughts since the mind is now clear enough and all seven chakras are open to divine guidance.

Common Emotional Patterns





Unconditioned Bliss




Lifestyle/Behavioral Patterns

Guided by Divine Will





How It Shows Up In The 4 Major Life Categories

Relationships: Relationships are approached with unconditional love and compassion, since there is only love and unity, conflict is just not useful or necessary anymore. In this stage there is no separation between people- a person here likely have just as much love for their partner, children and friends as they do for strangers that theyve never met. People feel safe in the presence of someone at this stage with a knowing that they are seen for who they are, not judged for what they are afraid their flaws are.
Work/money: Similar to stage 5, work and money just doesnt have any meaning anymore.Since there is no duality or separation, there is no need or desire to have to create a purpose or to have money for experience or pleasure. A person in this stage is not led by personal will, therefore the divine/universal consciousness is able to work directly through them. This person may consider themselves a vessel for the creative flow of the universe to work through them.
Spiritual/emotionalA person in this stage is no longer under the current of chaotic and unsettling emotions, however this does not meant they no longer feel, they just feel very differently. Tears may arise in response to something moving or in response to the suffering of others- not out of a personal sadness or unhappiness but more of a natural expression of what it is to be human.
There is a real joy and peace that goes beyond what we may consider as happiness or satisfaction. Its the joy of being, of being connected to truth and deep love. This is an ongoing state of presence, and peace with tapped in experiences of unconditioned bliss and inner knowing.
Health and body- The body is treated as a temple to be loved, respected and honored. A person in this stage enjoys being in the body and hearing the wisdom it imparts. However a person in this stage is not attached to the body- there is a deep understanding that the body is not who they are and therefore there is a real acceptance of the end of life. There is no fear, no worries around leaving this body, just a total and compete openness to whatever happens next.

The Spiritual Growth Journey

Similar to Stage 5, this spiritual growth journey is all about letting go and allowing what arises in each moment. For example, allowing the confusion to be what it is instead of resisting or trying to control it, allowing pain to be here, allowing difficult thoughts to be here.

It helps to meditate often in order to break through any ego traps still leftover in the mind. It’s also so important to recognize that while these are stages of spiritual growth and awakening, there needs to be a complete letting go about permanent enlightenment/transcendence in Stage 6, otherwise this again becomes another ego trap.


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If you are new to the 6 Stages of the Spiritual Awakening Journey and would like to learn more, check out this post:

Please note that this information is not a substitute for mental or physical health care, please consult with your providers if in need of support and additional resources.

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