Break Through Anxiety and Depression With 3 Life-changing Tools

anxiety and depression

Suffering from anxiety and depression can feel like an ongoing battle. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States . It’s not uncommon for someone with an anxiety disorder to also suffer from depression as well. Nearly one-half of those diagnosed with depression are also diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. 

In order to break through the confines of these emotional difficulties, we must adopt openness, curiosity and kindness – these natural inner qualities of our Soul are here waiting for us to tap into them at any time.

Try the following tools in order every day and you will begin to notice a difference in the intensity and duration of your symptoms.

Tool #1: Anxiety and Depression Inner Exploration


WHERE  (where do I feel it in my body the most?) 

WHAT (does it look and feel like inside- shape, color, texture, etc) 

WHY (let the intuitive knowing of this cause come to your consciousness – was it a recent trigger, long standing energy in your mind and body, beliefs that aren’t working for you anymore?)

WHO (who notices this inside? If you can identify it, you are NOT it) 

We are getting to the sky of who you are, and clearing out the storm clouds (you are there regardless, and meditation helps you see that.

Topic 2: Allow The Anxiety and Depression To Be As It Is

Contrary to how we typically work with these emotions within us, I invite you to allow whatever is to be there- start by taking a deep breath and acknowledging that all emotions (whether we label them good or bad) are here for our highest growth, in fact they are an important guide on our spiritual awakening journey. Without these emotions, we wouldn’t know what our next steps are for healing. 

One way to easily allow is to place your hand where you feel the emotion and take attention there, breathe into the space if it feels too intense. Know that all emotions come and go in intensity and that no matter how much you suffer from anxiety or depression, there are spaces in between those moments of neutrality or even joy. By allowing what is we allow this energy movement of emotion to naturally flow through us. 

Topic 3: Compassion For The Anxious/Depressed Parts Of You

Self compassion is the choice to be kind to ourselves, it’s been well studied to help us relieve anxiety and depression symptoms as it  increases motivation, boosts happiness, enhances self-worth and fosters resilience.

Start slow- place one hand on your heart, keeping the other hand on the part of your body where you feel the emotion the most. 

Simply say out loud  “This is hard. I choose to love myself through this” 

Reminder and A Note:

Healing takes time, so consistency is so important. If you are experiencing intense symptoms of anxiety or depression as a result of this practice- stop and take a few breaths. You might consider practicing this with a licensed counselor( I offer trauma counseling at this website: I wish you the very best on this healing stage of your journey!

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