3 Myths About the Akashic Records

Akashic Records Myths

Learn more about Akashic Records and how you can access them in this post.

1. Time Works in the Same Way

Time doesn’t exist in the Akashic Records. Therefore, when you enter your Records, it’s likely time will not feel the same. 5 minutes can feel like 30 minutes and so on, 

This also means that when you ask time specific questions in the Akashic Records, you are unlikely to get the answer you seek. Because the Records don’t work on the 3D level of time, it’s best to ask questions such as 

“What are the possibilities if I make the decision to leave this relationship?” Instead of “How long will I be in this relationship?”

The first question is more empowering as well as it points to your sense of free will in the Records.

This leads us into the second secret of the Records.

2. It’s a Divination Tool to Foretell the Future

So it’s not quite a divination tool. Within the record is a database of information about a soul or entities’ mission, purpose, and journey throughout lifetimes. The records are always changing and expanding. As our souls evolve, our Records are updated each time and contain the past, and present.

The Akasha is not a divination tool, but can be used to look at future possibility, probability, and eventuality. It’s a wonderful tool to see the likely potential of a situation based on current behaviors and actions taken, and it can show you what you’re like could look like if you take different paths

Other Questions such as “what might my life look like in the near future if I took this job in another state” and then you could ask “what might my life look like in the near future if I stay in my current job?”

3. You Need Psychic Abilities to Access the Records

You don’t need to be a psychic or have special intuitive powers or psychic abilities to get into the Akashic Records.  While you don’t have to be gifted, it is helpful to have meditation experience and to have spent time working with your own energy. 

A roadblock to seeing and experiencing information in the Akashic Records is disbelief. Some are up against preconceptions or distrust their own experience.

Sometimes we have subconscious fears or concerns about what we might find in the Records and that can block us as well. However, these can all be worked through!

Meditation: Discovering Your Soul’s Desires for the Akashic Records

Imagine Traveling into the light of your heart where you will connect with the voice of your Soul 

Ask your Soul: 

“Is this the right time to explore my Records?” 

“What is important for me to ask in my own Akashic Records?

Please do share in the comments what it is like for you as your practice! 

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