How to Tame Your Inner Critic

inner critic

We all have an inner critic, also known as a voice in our mind that is critical. We often experience these thoughts as negative.

Common things your inner critic tells you

  • “You’re not smart enough.”
  • “That was stupid. Why did you do that?”
  • “There’s something wrong with you.”
  • “Get it together!”
  • “I have gained too much weight. I look terrible!”

The critic is also the one that compares to others. It’s the “judge” the one that reminds you that you are not enough.

I want to share a secret here, and that is that your inner critic has this role in your life for a good reason.

We carry old inner child wounds around not being good enough. Therefore this critical self is just a protecting or guarding part of you trying to keep you from repeating the pain of the past. It’s a reminder that these wounds are still here. It’s likely a passed down part from a parent if a parent was critical or at some point it worked, because it launched you into action to “be better”. 

The inner critic is trying to help, it’s just not working. It wants you to “be better” so you don’t feel these old wounds of the past. However, as we know, this only makes us feel worse.

Track This Critical Voice

It’s important to know exactly what your critic says, and to create separation, knowing this is just a part of you but is not who you really are. Over this next week, write down all the things your critic says.

Use a Daily Self Compassion Mantra

“I am a beautiful divine being” 

“I am more than enough”

“I deserve love”

Repeat this several times a day and every time you hear this voice, say this several times over to remind this part that you as yoru HS are stepping in with compassion

Continue to affirm that this critical part has good intentions  for you. It’s not your enemy, but that it just needs guidance to work towards healthier patterns.

Heal Your Inner Child

You can tame the critic with the tools I suggested. However, the deepest work happens when you heal your inner child.

As you heal the little one inside, the critic will naturally subside. If you’re interested in learning more about how to deeply heal your inner child, let me know by saying, “I want to heal my inner child!” and I will be in touch with you to help.


Place your Hand on your heart and say, “Thank your critic, I am the higher self and I want to help make things easier in here so you don’t have to work so hard. Every day I will remind you of the love that we are.”

Please do share in the comments, I’d love to hear what you discover. 

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