Past Lives and the Karmic Cycle of Your Soul

past life and karma

I’d like to share what I’ve discovered in Akashic Records readings with my students, as well as my Records about past lives and karma.

Past Lives and Soul Agreements 

According to the Akashic Records, we have previous lifetimes that bring about Karma that we can dissolve. In the Records, you can learn about and heal your past lives.

For example, your name in this life is “Sarah” and your lesson in this life was to learn and practice unconditional love. You made great strides towards this but did not complete the lesson entirely before your passing. The remaining lesson becomes an energetic imprint on your soul. Hence, when you incarnate as “Lisa,” you will face many more lessons about unconditional love. This is to clear the energy block once and for all.

There a few important things to know about Karma:

  • We cannot go backwards in our evolution. We constantly move forward and all we love and know goes with us. 
  • You can heal this karma in this lifetime while in the Akashic Records. 

Before being incarnated, we make Soul contracts or documented agreements with the light beings. The agreements are freewill choices we make for our soul’s growth.

There are different ways to think about Karmic patterns:

  1. As unmet “leftover” agreements
  2. Times we went against our Soul

The latter is in pursuit of things that were associated with lower energy patterns. This includes being driven by fear, greed, or hatred. Hence, Karma is not a “punishment” but a way for your Soul to experience growth and evolution.

Remember: Our Agreements are Fluid

It’s important to note that if you don’t like the information you get, you can change it in this life. Just like the Records themselves, our agreements are fluid as long as we make decisions to change our agreements without the motive of fear, greed, or other lower energies.  We must have pure intentions for wanting to alter our agreements and the guides in the Records will let us know if it is the right time to make changes.

Sometimes we need to complete the cycle or path we are on first before we can consider altering our agreements. For example, we may have “pre-requisites” or “unfinished” business in this life that we need to tend to before we can make changes. Changes can be made in the Records but you will likely have some worldly or physical changes to take care of as well.

Some changes are easier than others. But with dedication in the Records, anything is possible. If you are unable to get information regarding your Soul’s agreement, here are a few possible reasons: 

  1. Intuitive development or soul connection. You may need to spend more time meditating and getting in touch with your Soul.
  2. You aren’t ready to hear the information. Sometimes we just aren’t ready to have our entire Soul plan revealed to us. The light beings in the Records will show us what we need to know.

Usually the Soul Agreement unfolds more and more as we progress in our development. You might get information on your Soul agreement today and it may look a little different in a few years if you gathered the info again.

The Agreement can be imagined like layers of an onion. As we fulfill one aspect of it, another one makes itself known to us. 

The Karmic Cycle of Our Soul 

Our existence began as pure, unmanifested consciousness in the Ocean of Love and Mercy from which all life springs.

Most chose to accelerate their advancement as Soul by leaving the Ocean to journey through the universe. Some chose to remain “pure” by staying fully connected to the Ocean and offering assistance to those who left to experience life disconnected from their true selves. Most angels exist in the “before life” state, never having known a physical life.

Physical Life State

Physical life or the time-based world is where we create an identity for ourselves. We forget about those lives we have lived before (our past lives)  so that we can focus our attention on the experience we have chosen for ourselves in our life now, today. This is where we experience the most growth. 

Bardo State

Bardo (Tibetan Buddhism) refers to our existence between two physical incarnations. First is where we leave the last one and prepare for the next one. Second is where we are concerned with our own development as Soul into greater states of love. As a result, we work with our guides to help cleanse us from the previous life and prepare for our next life. 

The Soul journeys to the Hall of Akashic Records for a life review during its Bardo experience. While in there, pictur images of your life will confront you. That way, you can understand how the choices you made affected others.

There is no punishment. Rather, it’s a way of helping you understand how you are connected to the whole of life. At the end of your Bardo experience,  you work with the Masters in the Records to create your Soul’s contract or Soul’s agreement for the next life. 

This Life Contract covers items like where and how the person will be born, what resonances from past lives will be embedded in their body-mind creating birth conditions, and what major life events will be presented to the individual for their growth as they work through their resonances. It will also touch on which significant people they will encounter during their new life like their birth family, friends, romantic partners, children, co-workers, and more.

We can still learn a lot in Bardo and can do a lot of the same things we can do here in the physical life like visiting loved ones, being of service to others, and engaging in hobbie.

Reincarnation is always a choice. We are never forced to do anything against our will. Usually we want to reincarnate because that is where we receive the greatest growth experiences. 

Expansion State

Our existence after the cycle of our physical lives is completed in the expansion state. We want to help others and development as Soul into greater levels of love and awareness. As a result, we expand our knowledge of the inner worlds, going wherever needed to help others along their personal journey.

In the After Life, we grow as those we help grow. So most of the time we are either living or between lives. Although some past life Karma can be and is worked off during Bardo, the majority of issues that we have had from past lives carry over from one life to the next.

Just before the individual is about to be reborn into a new body, they are taken to the Records to prepare for their new life. In this space, they are shown the various potentials that their new life holds for them. They are also embedded with the necessary unconscious data that will allow them to recognize significant others they will encounter on their life’s journey.

After last minute advice from their team of guides, they are sent off into the adventure of their new life, knowing that they are supported on their journey. 

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