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souls contract

Discovering your Souls Contract is one of the favorite topics I teach this in my Awakened Living Program. If you find you enjoy this topic, let me know and I would be happy to help you discover if it would be the best fit. 

Background on Soul Contracts 

Your Souls Contract, also called soul agreement or pre-birth life planning, is based upon the truth that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We came here with an inner map to further our soul’s growth. 

I’ve done hundreds of readings in the Akashic Records and it wasn’t until years into my reading journey that I was given a Sacred Soul Contract Map. This breaks out Souls Contract or agreement into different elements that we can learn about and discover more of in our Akashic Records. 

The Elements of Your Souls Contracts 

I’m going to take you to step by step here so I suggest you take notes!

The core of this contract is your souls essence or who you really are aside from all personality features and archetypes or sub-personalities. We can tap into this essence to get in touch with ourselves on a very deep and profound level. 

Archetypes or Sub-personalities 

All of us have archetypes or overarching personality descriptors. This points to what we have agreed to in our soul contracts. These are also sometimes known as sub-personalities.

Using the pendulum and your intuitive knowing in the Akashic Records, you receive incredible insights as to what parts of you still need to be healed. 

Souls Overarching Personality

Our soul also has a “personality” which we carry into each new life. The personality is similar to the archetypes, but it is all encompassing and it stays with you from lifetime to lifetime. Usually it is a foundational part of the soul.

The goal is to experience all of the different soul personalities (i.e., teacher, healer, peace bringer) throughout various lifetimes.

Vows and Agreements 

Vows are conscious and subconscious agreements that we make from one lifetime to the next.

Usually vows come from a highly charged negative or positive experience that led us to believe that we had to have that same experience again. We repeat these experiences in order to work through the fear that preceded the agreement or to continue experiencing the pleasant experiences we had in the past.

Therefore, vows come about based on past experiences of fear and desire. 

Ancestry Discovery 

You can meet and talk with your benevolent ancestors in the Records about what has been passed down through your genetic line. They can provide guidance on how to break the difficult cycles in your everyday life. It can be helpful to do this work after discovering your vows or agreements and archetypes. 

Relationship Discovery 

Relationships are a big part of our Souls Contract. In this exercise you will have the opportunity to explore the various relationship roles in order to help you evolve on your spiritual journey. You will also have the chance to heal and cut cords from specific relationships. 

Souls Purpose 

The inner purpose is your Souls way of expressing inwardly.

For example, some people have an inward purpose of bringing mindfulness into everything they do or being in tune with oneself. Usually it is a “spiritual purpose” which is personal to you.

The outer purpose is the manifestation of the inner. If your purpose is to transcend the unconscious parts of your mind due to past conditioning, then your outer purpose may be to be a teacher in order to bring this to the planet. They go hand in hand and one supports the other.

Souls Goals 

Your Soul goals are connected to your purpose. You may think of it as short term goals towards your purpose.

The outer purpose usually has many avenues you could take and they show up as goals. You might have a spiritual creative goal to create jewelry that empowers people to transition to higher consciousness. Your emotional or cognitive goal may be to read many spiritual books to help you move to a higher vibration. Another is to write those books for others. 

Your physical or earthly goal may be to dedicate your life to yoga or tai chi to merge body and spirit so you feel more integrated. The goals are the pathways to purpose.

Souls Strengths 

The strengths are the talents and skills you to be able to move forward on these goals and make them a reality. They are also split up into spiritual/creative, emotional/cognitive, and physical/earthly.

You may have a spiritual strength of open mindedness, making it easy to connect with others on a deeper level. You could have an emotional strength of sensitivity, making you an empath. Your cognitive strength might be that you are a fast learner so you can read all those books that you want to experience.

Your earthly strength might be that you are drawn to nature. Hence when you are in nature you are easily able to come back to your spirit.

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