3 Tools to Help You Trust Your Intuition


Intuition is defined as “the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.” Therefore, with intuition you just “know” or “feel it” without analytical thought.

This is why our left logical brain has a hard time connecting with this. It wants to understand why you do what you do.

I’ve been teaching on the subject of intuition for the past 10 years. The most important thing to know is that intuition is channeled through your Higher Self to your Soul self. If your energy is open, you can clearly hear these messages and take action on them without a second thought.

If you have some blockages, on the other hand, you will question the validity of the info coming in or you will second guess whether it’s the best choice. 

Tool 1: Free Write Journaling 

Free writing is incredibly powerful to unpack a confusing dilemma or make sense of your mixed emotions. It also helps you unlock suppressed emotions you’d otherwise abashedly skip quickly over.

When you’re just looking to fill those pages, you’ll grab on to anything. This includes those pesky feelings you’d normally try to stash away. It allows you to move through those inner blocks of what if’s and why’s and move into the wisdom of your soul. 

Getting things down on paper puts you in touch with your honest, uncensored self. It also helps with self-acceptance.

The more you free write, the more accepting you’ll become of your own thoughts and let them spill out without judgement.

Free writing is all about getting things out – not about making yourself sound acceptable or polished.

To get started, get a blank journal and set a timer for at least 10 minutes every day. Write whatever comes to mind, completely uncensored. If you don’t know what to write, you can write “I don’t know what to write!” After a few minutes, it becomes easier to let the words flow. 

Tool 2: Use a Pendulum 

Using a pendulum is the best way to learn to trust the information coming through. However, you’ll have to make sure your question is in a yes or no format.

I suggest buying a pendulum that has a weighted end to it so it’s easy to feel comfortable with it’s movement. Getting a blank journal (or using the same one as before) to track your experiences is very helpful. That way you can see how accurate these responses are over time. You might even log how you felt before using the pendulum in order to better track your results. 

Hold the fob (or the chain) at the top, rest your arm on a table or something steady and, in a relaxed manner, allow the pendulum to dangle. Be sure to wait patiently and calm for the pendulum to start moving and reveal its answer.

Tool 3: Open Eye Meditation 

Opening our third eye can help us both trust and understand how our intuition comes through. The third eye is in the center, between our two eyes.

“The pineal gland is a pea-sized gland shaped like a pine cone, located in the brain near the hypothalamus and pituitary gland,” says Covington. “It’s the organ of deeper universal connection.”

Often I like to use sound tuning to go deeper into an alpha-level brain state to better trust and connect with my higher self.

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