New Glamp Site and RV Travel Plans

We’ve hit the road again! I haven’t shared in quite a while about our travels, and I wanted to update you on all the exciting experiences ahead.

Some of you may remember from previous newsletters that my husband and I travel full-time in our RV around the US and Canada with our fur babies on board. We have lived this life for four years and occasionally stop for extended periods to visit family and rest.

We have spent the most extended amount of time in one place for quite a while; we’ve been in the south visiting family for several months and decided while we were here that we would purchase a second property to expand our glamping business, but first- the back story- 

Last year, my husband and I bought property high up in the mountains of northern Washington, on the border of  British Columbia, Canada. We wanted to have a place to have our RV parked for half of the year (when it’s not freezing there 🙂 This beautiful, majestic property inspired us to create a glamping site, which is camping, but a bit more luxurious, as there are specific amenities that you get such as a bathhouse, and a nice big canvas bell tent away from the elements.

I was not outdoorsy when I met my husband 14 years ago. I always loved nature, but it wasn’t until he took me camping when we first started dating that I fell in love with the wild. Camping became our signature hobby, and we explored the great outdoors as often as possible.

Creating the glamping site in Washington allowed us to share our love of camping with others. Seeing the joy our glamping site brought to our guests over the past year has warmed our hearts, knowing that we are a part of the reason our guests are creating beautiful, lifelong memories in a magical place. 

Fast forward one year later, and as we visit our family in Georgia, after months of not finding what we were looking for – and about to end our search- we stumbled upon a gorgeous property in the deep woods, alongside a creek and close to the lake. We both knew it, and this was the one. We planned to live half the year in Washington and the other half in Georgia, where we could be near family.

We purchased the property in April of this year and gave ourselves a strict timeline to complete our glamping project by the end of May, as that was when we planned to head back to Washington. Of course, like most significant projects, this one was much more than we originally planned for. There was so much more to excavate, and we encountered several roadblocks. 

On the first day of coming to the property, I wrote in my journal that this property was a blessing and a gift and was meant to be. After so many back-to-back hardships, my husband and I lost hope of getting our glamping site up and running before heading back to our other property.

As I started to question our decision, I opened my journal, and it was taken back to the entry. I wrote on the first day we arrived. “This property is a blessing and a gift and was meant to be “ I smiled; of course, these hardships were just part of the process of growth that we both needed to embark upon. That small reminder kept us going with our heads up through the mud-soaked, sweat-induced days and nights in the humid forest. My husband and I asked for help from friends and family, and seeing our community come together was amazing. 

We finished our project with one day left before leaving for our RV trip! The campsite was officially completed. We hoped we could add more, but we knew we needed to surrender to these expectations. The glamping site was gorgeous.

One adventure, complete, the next adventure of traveling back to Washington ahead. Our trip plan includes visiting North Carolina, Tennessee, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and then back at our other home in Washington. We love to travel by staying at campgrounds, dry camping (off-grid), and stopovers at farms, vineyards, and museums. 

We are so excited to embark upon this next phase of our journey and thrilled that we can now share the sleepy Sasquatch glampsite in our Georgia location and Washington.

You can learn more here about how to book a stay at either: 

(And I’d love to meet you in person as well!)

While life will always present us with challenges, it is always about the choices. We make to remember our resilience and strength and a divine spiritual team that always supports us every step of the way.

I will continue to share the journey of our travels in the hopes that it will inspire you to get outside of your comfort zone, face the fears you may have about change and uncertainty, and help you remember the power and brilliance of who you indeed are

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