As a licensed holistic trauma counselor, I understand how trauma and our minds egoic patterns can act as dark clouds on the blue sky of our true self. Integrating well researched psychology healing modalities with spiritually transformative resources, I invite one awakening to be your souls virtual home. 

Meet Amie!

Through a series of losses/darks nights of the Soul and an unrelenting call for inner truth for the past 15 years, I have been intuitively guided to create this online community to educate, support and inspire you on this journey. 

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work with me

Maybe a crisis, or a series of them, forced you to explore your identity after grappling in pain and darkness. 

Maybe it was a powerful spiritual experience that made you question your reality and who you really are 

Maybe it was a book, a talk, a friend, a dream or some other divinely timed call that lead you to this path 

Do any of these sound like your experience? 

Enlightenment is described as this permanent blissed out stated that one might never attain in this lifetime, however the truth is, many people have experienced both temporary (powerful glimpses of awakening) and permanent awakenings. 

I truly want you to know that you are not alone. 

Spiritual awakening is possible, right here and right now. I’d like to invite you to explore the possibility that you are already what you’d like to become. We only need to uncover the layers of conditioning that keep us entranced in illusion of separation. 

You are exactly where you should be on your path right now and together we can tap into the truth of our unity consciousness. I’m so glad you’re here!

Thank you!

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