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Discover the easy way to access and heal your soul's contract in the akashic records...Even if you don't consider yourself psychic or intuitive. You will permanently clear the negative patterns and influences in your records and become unburdened from ongoing karmic problems. You’ll learn to confidently read the akashic records for yourself and others, and if you choose- you can receive a certification to read the records for others.

Akashic Records Certification Course 

A step-by-step course where I teach you my well-tested and highly effective system to finally stop second guessing yourself. You will learn how to know 100% FOR SURE that your intuition is guiding the way. 

Discover all the tools and resources I’ve taught to hundreds of clients and students—all simple, actionable ways to get out of that head of yours and into the seat is your Soul.

Awaken Your Intuitive Powers

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