I know how hard it can be to tap into the peace and joy that you already are- so much seems to stand in our way of inner truth...

 I am here to support you every step of the way back home to your empowered self.

Join The Women's Empowerment
Support Group  

No matter what I do, I keep feeling stuck in my life...

I have a hard time hearing or trusting my intuition

I wish I knew what to do next, am I on the right track? 

I could use accountability to work towards my goals 

I want to feel empowered to step into my joyful, vibrant calm self each and every day (instead of just when things are going well!)

I want to build community and connections to other like minded women 

I am ready to see big changes and transformation in my life! 

Have you had any of these thoughts?

If you have had even one of these thoughts..
you are in the
right place!

- jm mills

“Amie is one of the rare teachers who is without judgment and allows you to explore in a safe and nurturing environment. With Amie's help, I have gained so much confidence and a deep sense of wellbeing from her teachings"

- Jennifer T

“ Amie's energy is so pure & healing and she is just so knowledgeable and supportive. Her teachings have had a powerful healing effect on my physical body and have strengthened places within that were in need of help” 

Kind words

This is the right fit if you....

I use the following tools and techniques: 

Holistic Life Coaching
Mindfulness Training 
Shamanic/Inner Journeying 
Inner Child and Self Critic Healing Practices
Powerful Visualization Techniques  
Sound Healing and Tuning 
Energy Clearing- Reiki

If you are experiencing deep unhealed trauma or need a therapist instead - click here to learn more about my practice Sacred Journey Therapy, Inc 

A Safe and Supportive Coaching Group 

Heal and Transform Together 

Choose To Attend Weekly or Twice Monthly
Based On Your Needs

Create New Connections
 and Friendships 

Receive Individualized Support on Group Calls 

Set and Achieve Your Personal Goals 

Coaching Workbook For Deeper Insights

Discover A New and Unique Tool In
Every Session

The Coaching group will be small to create a cohesive experience, therefore this group will be closed when it's full- when you add you name to the waitlist, you will be considered first!

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