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My name is Amie Dean, I am a licensed psychotherapist, spiritual coach and mindfulness meditation teacher. I've helped thousands of spiritual seekers re-align with their Higher Self through my online courses, workshops and retreats. 

Through my awakening journey, I discovered a transformative pathway to healing...one that is direct and simple, yet incredibly profound. I bring together the power of mindfulness, the Akashic Records, Shamanic tools and inner parts healing methods to create a powerful program to break through trauma and heal your inner child to guide you back home to your Higher Self.

When you join this program, we walk beside each other in growth and healing. As we wake up together, we relieve the suffering on the planet and step into unity consciousness.

I invite you to take a journey with me to discover your true Self- to stop the confusion, the self-doubt, the anxiety, and the what if's. It's time to  Live a life that is true to your Souls calling & mission.

Break Through These Blocks Once and For All 

A 12 Month Program For Women Empaths Who are Tired Of The Seeking And Are Ready To Step Into Their Soul's Purpose to Live A Spiritually Awakened Life

Meet Your Guide For The Journey 

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The #1 Reason You Feel Stuck On Your Spiritual Path, and Are Not Living Your Highest Purpose Is Because of Unhealed Inner Child Wounding Within YOU. 

These Inner child wounds create blockages in Your spiritual channels of intuition. It creates confusion about who you really are, and why you are here. 

The Truth Is...You are A Light-worker With A Divine Mission 

In your work life...


Does any of this resonate? 

It's More Than Possible...It's Your Soul's Calling  

If you Resonated with One or more- This program is for you

Ready To Go On A Journey?
This is what your Awakened Life could Look Like 

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I struggle with being an empath, I often feel too much and it's overwhelming 

I suffer with anxiety or chronic pain despite my best efforts to heal 

I feel confused about my life purpose, or I feel stuck and unfulfilled in my career

I have trouble speaking my truth and trusting my  intuition- I Doubt Myself 

I still feel stuck in fear or worry often about money, work, relationships, etc

I often self- sabotage or have trouble setting boundaries in one or more areas in my life 

I had A Difficult Childhood or Experienced Trauma In Adulthood

I've taken many self help courses, taken retreats and have read many books, but I am still Stuck and Confused 

You discover  your highest purpose for this lifetime from the perspective of your Soul Self

No longer feeling like the wounded healer when helping others, you'll recognize your True Self and know how to tap into it at any time 

Your heart sings when you go to work, you feel a deep joy in what you do and follow a path of service that follows your Souls calling

Connections are much deeper, richer and more connective. You feel more present and aligned with everyone you meet

You easily let go and forgive grievances and hurts much quicker and with ease

You show up authentically- no more people pleasing, over giving, or boundary issues with others. Your "Yes's" and "No's" are very clear and come from your True Self

You heal the money and scarcity fears that have guided your decisions, keeping you from living your best life 

Chronic pain decreases or dissipates due to the healing of the wounds in your mind and body 

Your relationship with pain and discomfort changes, everything you experience is welcomed 

You make healthier choices for yourself- naturally, without force or great effort. 

You feel truly abundant, trusting that all is well, regardless of what your financial situation looks like 

You make conscious buying decisions to support your highest potential, no longer fearful or regretful about spending money (Your Higher Self guides you to know what to purchase and what is just "noise")

In Your Relationships 

In Your finances 

In Your Health  

I Am Shy Or Introverted But Want To Authentically Connect And Heal With Women On The Same Path

Sound like a great fit for you?

Resolve anxiety, experience more joy, empowerment, freedom and peace in you daily life

Be in deeper communication with your Higher Self and intuitive awareness at all times, fully grounded in authenticity 

Finally heal those inner wounds (such as your inner child, critic, perfectionist, insecurities, people pleaser, anxiety part etc)-  even if nothing else has worked. These wounded parts of you are obstacles that are keeping you stuck on your spiritual awakening path

Love what is, regardless of life's circumstances 

Connect deeply with a tribe of women who are fully committed to living a life of presence and peace, creating a true sense of belonging 

Easily quiet the monkey mind, without all the work you usually do to try to make that happen 

This 12 Month Program Is The Only One You'll Find For Deep, Sustainable Growth To Awaken Spiritually 

Get Ready To...

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As soon as you join, you will receive a personalized gift box sent to your mailing address. Get ready for some luxurious self care and spiritually deepening resources sent right to your door!

Chakra Sound Healing Mindfulness retreat (Virtual) 

Download your Akashic Records kits to move beyond any stuck places on your Spiritual Awakening path- this alone is transformative!!


Included are bonus tools and resources to track and overcome the sticking points on the spiritual awakening journey and transcend old patterns keeping you stuck 


We share our goals/intentions with each other in the group and each week we check in with each other's progress & offer help and support. You can ask questions and receive coaching support at any time, all your questions are responded to promptly. This is a private space, away from social media 

Unlimited Coaching Monday-Friday in Our online support group

In our first 1-1 coaching call together you determined your goal for the program, every month thereafter you will complete a survey of your progress and we will review this in your online support group.  You will share what worked and and I'll help you make any changes needed for the next month. You will never get stuck again and I will help you stay accountable!

and Monthly Progress reviews

Personalized Gift Box

Every two weeks (twice a month)I offer  additional open group coaching time through Zoom to work through anything you might need additional support with.You will never be without guidance or support!

  Coaching Opportunities  

The first 3 weeks of every month, I teach a live spiritual awakening training, guide you through a deeply transformative experience with sound healing and the Akashic Records, and provide group coaching for anything you need support with. The last week of the month is a community peer group meeting to build deeper connections, it is not only fun, but also a wonderful growth experience. 

Weekly Group  Coaching and Community Building  

What You Will Receive In Our 12 Month Awakened Living Community: 

Every 3 months we will have a 1-1 mentorship/healing call. We will create your Soul Ascension Plan together in our first call together (this is the guaranteed pathway for your individualized healing)  Our last mentorship call will be at graduation to set the plan going forward 

6 Individual
Mentorship Calls 

Experience a live, full day of mindful serenity in the comfort of your home and with your Awakened Living Community members to break through stuck energy blocks (October 2021)

 I was impressed to find that her course was transformative, well-organized & engaging. Through Amie's higher self meditations and teachings,  I now feel connected and at peace!

-Marian F. 

Amie is a great facilitator- through her guidance I  connect with my higher self  and released my inner child  fears/blocks. I've found I've stopped second guessing myself and instead trust my intuition.This insight has lead to making decisions with confidence and finally seeing a path forward!

-Susan M. 

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When You Join Now You Receive These Limited Time Bonuses 


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What is The Program Investment?

We currently offer a limited scholarship of $650/month or a discount of 7K total for unlimited mentorship, trainings, tools and resources, the community and more). Most programs of this type require a 10K investment or more. SCHOLARSHIP ENDS SOON so make sure to APPLY TODAY! 

 You are supported every step of the way, setting personalized milestones and the ability to track the transformation on your journey with specialized tools in the community. Imagine how much you'll spend trying to heal, even over just a one year period- it would be much, much more than this!

What is the Time Committment To Join?

I know you are busy! No matter how busy you are- you can do this! It takes just an hour set aside each week for yourself.I can also tailor the program to your needs, customizing it to eliminate overwhelm and confusion in your life. It's like having a coach walk side by side with you- it's a very  personalized experience for deep, lasting transformation!

I've Done So Much And It Didn't Help. I'm Afraid To Commit To Another Program...

I get it and believe me, I’ve been there! That is exactly why I created a program you will never see anywhere else.  It addresses ALL of the things I found missing in other programs! Also, this is all the more reason to join...you likely have wounds around not getting the help you deserve. That was then, this is now – and if you’re drawn to join us, I believe it is your Souls calling. As you commit to finally get the results you want, I will meet you there with that commitment. and help make this a sustainable reality in your life. 

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