The Art Of Choosing Love Over Fear Every Time

Choosing Love Over Fear

Did you know?…
You are a divine Soul, filled with the brightest light of pure divine love. This is your reminder because I know how hard it can be to remember this, especially in challenging times. As empaths, healers, and the spiritually attuned, we have a lot of heaviness in our hearts as we feel so very much. We dive deeply into this uncharted territory of life transitions, losses, and unknowns.
I want to start this blog on choosing love over fear by sharing a poem with you written by my father, who passed several years ago. It is so perfect for what we are all experiencing in the human collective and can inspire you to move into the true state of love as your inner being.
As you read these words to yourself, tap into the divinity deep within you:

Look Inside

Fear clings to us like the clothes on our backs

Love lets go

Hate eats away at our hearts like a runaway cancer

Love embraces our hearts and makes us eternal

Our very Soul reaches out to us so often unheard

Trust the endless power, wisdom and love of our creator

Silent as a snowfall, listen to your magnificent spirit

Reflect, believe, take part in who you truly are

Our universal connection will unite, fulfill and enlighten us

It will open doors to truth of connection of mind, body, Soul

And the greatest story ever told…


-Edward Escher

I extend my heart to you now and always as we walk this journey of being human, only having the signposts to point the way back home. Rest assured that even now (no matter how you are affected by all the energies of suffering in the world), your helping spirits are here watching over you, and the energies of peace and stillness are here for comfort.
In truth, all is well.
Sometimes we have to walk through the dark tunnels of fear before we reach the light of love. I want to help you choose love over fear, no matter what is currently happening in your life right now. First, it is important to understand the meaning behind them:

Understanding Love and Fear

#1 Recognize That Fear Is Only An Energy Movement Within

Too often, we mistake fear as a sticky emotion that we either resist, struggle with, or try to fix. However, all emotions are energy movements within and around our bodies; they are meant to come and go. As soon as we begin fighting with the fear, it becomes stickier and stickier in our energy field, which makes it grow larger and larger in our awareness.

#2 Understand that Love Is What You Really Are

When you hear the words choose love over fear, it may sound as if they are two opposites on a scale. Fear is not the opposite of love; it is just an emotional presentation that occurs within us, while love is who we really are. They are incomparable.
The truth is when we choose to love; we are choosing to tap into our essence, the true knowing of who we are as divine spiritual beings. Just by choosing love, we are aligning with this ultimate truth. Fear doesn’t stand a chance in the light of love. Imagine that you are the sun, and sometimes there are dark fear clouds that seem to cover this light, yet even still, it only appears to darken the world; you are not affected by this at your core.

3 Steps To Choose Love Over Fear

#1 Use Your Innate Sense Of Curiosity To Go Within

You have an innate sense of curiosity that you can use to explore the fear that arises. First, it’s important to practice leaning into the fear- yes, it feels unbelievably uncomfortable at first. However, it’s interesting to note that anything unexplored within us is just an idea in mind. We fear what we don’t truly understand.
When we explore our inner world, we come to recognize that the feelings that felt so much larger than our capacity to hold them are merely wispy clouds of energy floating right on by.
You might even ask:
Where does this fear reside within me right now?
If it had a color, form, or other distinguishing feature, what would it look like?

#2 Cultivate Compassionate Awareness

As you stay focused on this experience of fear, remember that you are the witnessing presence. You are the one that sees the fear; you are NOT the fear. You might even remind yourself of this in the moment if the fear feels intense or all-consuming.
To cultivate compassionate awareness, place your hand on your heart and rub your chest as a way of self-soothing. Your own physical touch is also calming to your nervous system as well and creates the love hormone Oxytocin. Continue to witness the fear and how it moves and changes as you acknowledge the love that you are.

#3 Visualize The Light Of Love

In this final step, which could take as long as you need it to, visualize the light of your being shining brightly on the fear-based energy. You might see the light as a particular color. As you sit with the knowledge that you are the powerful being filled with light and love, then the fear begins to move, change, and disappear one moment at a time.
Take your time with this, and be gentle with yourself if you get pulled back into the fear. You will also notice the way your thoughts add to the fear as you go further and further within. As you cultivate the witnessing presence, give yourself compassion, and visualize the light of love clearing your energy, you are healing!! This fear is no longer an enemy, just an experience of what it’s like to be in this human form. Each time you do this, you will change the way you experience fear and other difficult emotions.
As you move into your day, I encourage you to remember this important truth coming from A Course In Miracles:
Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists, herein lies the peace of God.

Click here for a guided meditation.

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