Journeying into the Akashic Records: Unveiling Inner Child Healing Power


Hello Beautiful Souls! If you’ve ever wondered about a powerful tool to heal the wounds of your inner child, then get ready for an adventure! In this blog post, we’ll dive into the captivating world of the Akashic Records and uncover how it holds the potential to bring deep healing and transformation to our inner child wounds.

What are the Akashic Records?

Imagine a cosmic library that holds the collective knowledge and experiences of every soul that has ever existed- this is your Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are an ethereal realm where the memories, emotions, and wisdom of our past, present, and future lives are stored. It’s like accessing the ultimate source of knowledge and insight, where we can tap into the profound wisdom of our soul.

Inner Child Healing In the Akashic Records:

How does this mystical realm relate to healing our inner child? The Akashic Records offer a unique opportunity to connect with the most profound aspects of our being, including the wounded inner child. Within these records lie the memories and experiences that have shaped our inner child’s perception of the world and its subsequent wounds.

We gain valuable insights into the root causes of our inner child wounds by accessing the Akashic Records. This deeper understanding allows us to bring compassion, love, and healing to those wounded aspects of ourselves. However, we may still carry pain, limiting beliefs, and unresolved emotions.

Throughout my search for the most potent psychotherapy and spiritual healing tools, what I have found to be the most profound form of healing the inner child is a combination of increasing mindful self-awareness, subpersonality work, and entering the Records for the Akashic Core Wound Healing Method. The variety of these tools is compelling and can result in long-lasting positive change in all areas of your life. 

The Castle Of Your Heart: Akashic Records Healing

Let’s dive into the Akashic Records to rescue the inner child from deep within! While you can read the provided steps to access your Records, listening to the guided meditation is suggested as it is easier to relax and explore.

Call upon the Light Beings at any point if you feel distressed to help create a greater sense of safety. I invite you to choose the core wound that most need healing right now (review Chapter Two). 

Step 1: Find a comfortable place not to be disturbed, close your eyes, and place your hand on your heart. Take at least 5 minutes to focus on your breathing. (Breathing into the count of 5, holding your breath to 5, and releasing your breath to the count of 5). When you feel more settled, relaxed, or grounded, state out loud:

I INTEND TO ACCESS MY RECORDS TO HEAL MY CORE WOUND OF (CHOOSE ONE: SHAME, DISEMPOWERMENT, SURVIVAL, OR ABANDONMENT) (check out the quiz to find out which one to focus on Click Here To Take The Quiz)

Step 2:  Now imagine you have entered a beautiful garden outside the walls of the castle of your heart. Take a few minutes to become acquainted with this space. Call upon the Light Beings to help you align as your Highest Self for the journey. When you’re ready, see the large wooden doors to the castle and begin to walk through. 

Step 3: Make your way through the castle with the light beings. Seeing the walls filled with light and love knowing that all is well. You are protected beyond what can be seen. Make your way to the dungeon of your heart in your own time. Connect with your light beings and request their assistance.

Step 4: Before entering, check in to see how you feel. Ensure that all sub-personalities are safe in this light and love (ask for support from the Light Beings if needed). When ready, enter the dungeon of the Castle of the Heart, where you will see the wounding of your younger self. 

Step 5: Provide compassion and kindness to the inner child from your Higher Self. Let them know they are safe in the light of the Records, which surround the castle and are embedded within the walls. Spend time comforting the inner child, expressing love to her). 

Step 6: Let the inner child know you are here to help heal her core wound if she is ready. If unwilling, ask her what she needs most to feel prepared for this healing journey. Additionally, please take some time to provide what she needs before going forward. 

Step 7: Ask the Light Beings to help to begin to release this wounding and associated emotions with it at the level of readiness that this inner child and all parts are ready and comfortable with. Let this be a natural, organic process. Stay open to lights, colors, felt senses, words, symbols, and more.

Step 8: Ask the inner child if she can leave this dungeon. Bring her to the beautiful garden where she can play and feel safe. If prepared, honor her choice and commit to coming back again at a later time. Find out what she might need to feel ready next time. (She may not be prepared to leave the dungeon or the castle walls until all wounds have healed. Also, she may not be prepared to go but would like to continue to work through additional injuries with you later in the garden outside the castle if she feels safe enough without those protective walls).

Step 9: If the inner child followed you to the garden, go on to this next step; if not, go on to step 7: It’s time to invite the sub-personalities that are ready to release some or all of their protective roles to join you in the garden with your inner child. As your Light Beings for support in helping these parts release using the elements of fire, water, earth, or wind in the garden. Afterward, you might see some or all of the castle’s walls crumbling down or fading away. The protective measures surrounding your heart are beginning to disappear, and the open, spaciousness of possibility is where you will lead as your Highest self. 

Step 10: Thank your Light Beings for their guidance and support, your inner child, and all sub-personalities. Take one deep breath, and come back to the room slowly. Some people feel lightheaded or ungrounded afterward. That feeling will quickly fade as they drink water or walk. Spend some time journaling about your experience. 

The Profound Gift of Inner Child Healing

In The Akashic Records:

Healing our inner child wounds through the Akashic Records is a profound gift we can give ourselves. As we embark on this healing journey, we offer our inner child the love, understanding, and healing needed. We open ourselves to a future filled with joy, self-worth, and inner peace. It can happen by releasing the pain, limiting beliefs, and emotional hold on the past,

The Akashic Records hold the key to unlocking the healing power necessary to nurture and transform our inner child wounds. Through this mystical realm, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, cultivate self-compassion, and allow profound healing. 

I would love to hear about your magical experience! You can email me at Many blessings and so much love for your healing journey! 

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