Three Transformative Tools for HSPs To Release Perfectionism and Embrace Their Unique Gifts

As a highly sensitive person (HSP), I understand the constant pressure to strive for perfection. The feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, self-criticism, and anxiety that come with it. It can be overwhelming to feel like you’re never quite measuring up. Also, it can be hard to find peace within yourself when you’re constantly chasing an unattainable ideal.

But I want you to know you are not alone in this struggle! Many HSPs experience the same pressure to be perfect and the same feelings of self-doubt and anxiety. It’s important to remember that these feelings do not define you. That you are worthy of love and acceptance just as you are, imperfections and all.

In this post, I’ll share transformative tools that have helped me and my clients release perfectionism and embrace our unique gifts. By the end, you will have the opportunity to create a simple but intentional Peace Over Perfect Plan to help you navigate the next steps.

Internal Family Systems therapy, and Akashic Records Access.

These spiritual and psychological tools are rooted in mindfulness-based practices.


Tool #1: The Pathway Back To Love Process

After experiencing deeply distressing emotions, I noticed an inner voice in the midst of them. Reminding me that I am love. In truth, this is only a wave in the ocean of “who I am.” I have taught this process to hundreds of people worldwide. Whenever you feel disconnected from your true self, you can use it. In times of striving or feeling like you are not doing enough (or well enough). Or after you make a mistake (or any variation of this!)

I invite you to try this process:

  1. Imagine breathing in the bright white, golden state, “I am Love.”
  2. State to yourself, “This is only a wave in the ocean of who I am.”
  3. State to yourself, “This hurts, but I choose to open my heart and love myself through this.”

Tool #2: Externalizing The Perfectionism In You

Internal family systems therapy has also been compelling in helping me work through my perfectionism and my clients. By identifying the parts that are causing distress, seeing them visually, or sensing them in the body – we can understand them better and integrate them into our whole selves.


One of the parts of myself that were causing me distress was my critical part, which was a part of the Perfectionist family. This part of me would constantly judge and criticize myself covertly. Such as, “What were you thinking?” “Why did you do that??”

All it did was lead to feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. By externalizing this part, I could converse with it from a spacious and compassionate place within my heart to understand it better. I learned that this part of me was trying to protect me from being hurt or rejected. But its methods no longer served me. By integrating this part of myself into my whole self by choosing self-compassionate statements such as

“I am doing the best I can,”

“It’s okay to make mistakes; it does not mean I am flawed,” and

“I choose to love myself through this.”

I could let go of the need to be perfect and embrace my imperfections.

Consider what the Perfectionist or Critic within you sounds like; what is its voice? This will ultimately become part of your Peace Over Perfect Plan.


Tool #3: Access Your Akashic Records for Core Wound Healing

The Akashic Records are an ethereal realm. The memories, emotions, and wisdom of our past, present, and future lives are stored. It’s like accessing the ultimate source of knowledge and insight where we can tap into the profound wisdom of our Soul.

Accessing your Akashic Records can provide profound insights to help you heal your core inner child wounds. Also, uncover your unique gifts as an HSP, and discover your Soul’s purpose. By gaining insight into my Soul’s journey in my Akashic Records, I learned how to embrace my sensitivity. I see it as a gift to positively impact the world by sharing how our authentic essence is love.

The Akashic Records offer a unique opportunity to connect with the most profound aspects of our being. Including the wounded inner child. Within these records lie the memories and experiences that have shaped our inner child’s perception of the world. As well as its subsequent wounds.

We gain valuable insights into the root causes of our inner child wounds by accessing the Akashic Records. This deeper understanding allows us to bring compassion, love, and healing to our wounded aspects, which may still carry pain, limiting beliefs, and unresolved emotions.

Throughout my search for the most potent psychotherapy and spiritual healing tools –

I have found the most profound form of healing the inner child is a combination of using The Back To Love Process, externalizing our sub-personalities, and entering the Records for the Akashic Core Wound Healing Method. Which helps you access the power deep within that is the answer to inner child wounds. I encourage you to use all three of these tools combined. They are all compelling and can result in long-lasting positive changes in your life.

Here it is 😀:

Click here to check out the Core Wound Healing Journey:
Akashic Records Core Wound Meditation

Peace Over Perfection Plan

I invite you to complete your plan following this template:

I want you to know you are SO worthy of love and acceptance just as you are, imperfections and all. You don't have to be perfect to be worthy of love and happiness- being perfect is impossible. Instead, by embracing your flaws and honoring your unique gifts as an HSP, you can redefine success and find true peace within yourself. As you embark on this journey and use this plan daily, my heart is with you every step of the way. 

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