Spiritual Growth Stage 1- Survival

spiritual growth stage 1

Spiritual Growth Stage 1- Survival

In stage one, a person is stuck in a primal consciousness of fear and survival. In this state, a person can easily become consumed by negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Their life may not feel as if it is their own, and feel constantly run by thought/emotional programs creating a cycle of distress. Oftentimes addictions show up in this stage- addictions to food, drugs, alcohol, shopping, gaming, porn, etc. These addictions become coping mechanisms for the person to deal with the constant thoughts, emotions and sensations that can feel incredibly uncomfortable. For others, it is a numbing or disorientation that occurs keeping them isolated from others.
Many people in this stage have had some experience of trauma, either in their childhood or in the recent past. The limbic system art of the brain (responsible for emotional regulation and more) becomes overactive and inflammed after a terrifying or deeply distressing event/s. It can be almost impossible for a person to step into a state of witnessing or awakened consciousness. The wounds of the past might need to be addressed before awakening can take place. On the other hand, many spiritual teachers and leaders have been in this very deep dark state and have awakened out of it quite suddenly.
In addition to trauma, almost all human beings enter this stage at some point in their lives due to losses and unexpected life changes and transitions. The Survival stage includes aspects of the “Dark night of the Soul” which can be described as a way of deep depression with a combining feeling that their live has become meaningless. For many, this is part of the spiritual journey and is necessary for the next level of healing. However, the Survival stage itself is not a “Dark night of the Soul”. In itself it is a state of consciousness that some people spend a lot of their lives in- feeling hopeless, depressed and disconnected.
The good news is that there is a way out (there always is!) So if you find yourself here or know of someone you love in this stage, One Awakening offers tools to help. It’s also important to note though that this is information is not a substitute for mental health care and that if you or your loved ones are deeply depression or in a state of wanting to end their life- seek professional help right away (it had to be mentioned!).

Common Thought Patterns In This Stage

I cant handle this

Why even try?

I dont matter

The world is a scary place

I have to keep myself safe

That shouldnt have happened to me

I dont trust

Typical Emotional Patterns

Severe Depression

Chronic Anxiety

Blaming or pushing people away

Attacking or defensive

Feeling alone or isolating


Lifestyle/Behavioral Patterns-


Relational conflict and distress




Merged with negative thoughts/emotions


How It Shows Up In The 4 Major Spiritual Growth Life Categories

Relationships: They can range from codependent, volatile or nonexistent. The relationship patterns mostly depends on a persons relationship and attachment wounding and how much they trust in another. Its common to have frequent ups and downs in relationships and never truly feeling safe/trusting.
Work/money: In this stage, scarcity is the underlying feeling. There is either never enough money or resources or even when you have enough it doesnt feel okay or safe. A person is this stage may strive for more to feel secure and safe. A person may not be able to work in this stage due to the emotional turmoil they feel or they may push ahead everyday at work with exhaustion, determined to stay afloat.
Spiritual/emotional- Typically a person in this stage will feel a complete disconnection from oneself/Soul. With trauma sometimes there is the aspect of Soul loss and this can be felt very deeply. It can be difficult to come out of this stage without some help from others as the beliefs and emotional conditioning may be very strong.
Health/body- A person in this stage may feel completely cut off from their body. They might not be able to adequately provide the body with basic needs or it can show up as a constant worrying and being concerned about your bodys well-being

The Next Level of Spiritual Growth

In Stage 2- Internal Conflict, a person is typically motivated to be in the world, to be social and connected. The body is the means of which to strengthen identity. The experience of the body includes a strong identification with “me” and the world of duality (right/wrong) (ugly/pretty) (strong/weak). Self esteem is an important focus either on improving it or feeling not enough. There is a continual conflict with the way the world is vs the way you want it to be.
To learn much more about this stage and how to deepen your spiritual growth click here

The Spiritual Growth Journey

Moving out of a state of hopelessness into a state of empowerment. I am a survivor mentality. Deciding to take action on healing the inner wounds, being open to possibility all make a huge difference in moving out of this stage. Below are some outside resources recommended to help. One Awakening also offer “Spiritual Journey Kits” to help you heal and transform on your journey forwards.

Your Akashic Records Journey Toolkit

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, One Awakening offers downloadable Spiritual Journey Kits to help you create more love, peace and joy in your everyday life. Each toolkit is carefully crafted to work through the challenges in the 5 stages in your Akashic Records.
Each toolkit contains resources to work through all the 4 life categories- Health/Body, Work/Money, Emotions/Beliefs, and Relationships. If you took all four quizzes and realized that you are in several different stages in different areas of your life, this is so common! For every toolkit you purchase you receive a discount for the next one sent to your email. These are available for pre-order now for 60% off until June 10th.

To learn more about the Toolkits- Click Here


If you are new to the 6 Stages of the Spiritual Awakening Journey and would like to learn more, check out this post:

Please note that this information for spiritual growth is not a substitute for mental or physical health care, please consult with your providers if in need of support and additional resources.

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