Spiritual Growth Stage 3-Exploration

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Spiritual Growth Stage 3-Exploration

In the Spiritual Growth Stage 3-Exploration – state of being, a person would be most interested in tapping into their inner power to create more joy and peace for themselves and has therefore outgrown stage 1 or 2. Exploration is the defining way this stage lives their life- they are interested in understanding their inner world and engaging in co-creation. There is a certain desire/requirement for permanence, to line things up enough, so things don’t feel so erratic, chaotic, and uncertain.

They seek to find the answers to their problems and pain usually by changing the way their outer life looks. However, this stage is very different than Stage 2. There is a focus on the exploration of the personality (understanding oneself, engaging in learning, discovering), holistic ways of approaching ways, deepening spirituality and a desire for more out of life.

The need to manifest a particular life shows up here- the Spiritual Growth Stage 3-Exploration- a person understands their power much more and begins to consider or work with co-creation with the universe/God, etc. They may engage in divination tools to better understand their life path and next steps. They may be interested in therapy, personality tests, astrology, self help books, yoga, meditation and more in order to better understand themselves and make sense of the chaotic universe. Often this is a stage of spiritual exploration as well.

Another type of person in this stage is someone who may have had a powerful spiritual experience where they tapped into their Soul and consciously or subconsciously determined to recreate that experience. There is an attachment quality of wanting to feel the joy or peace that once was felt before.

A person in this stage may be focused on more inward based pursuits (such as yoga or meditation) but are still focused on the goal of achieving happiness or peace. Their attachment lies in the wanting of a more permanent blissful state of existence as a way to heal the pain/suffering they feel.

Some people in this stage may be driven to find their higher purpose or a more meaningful life. They acknowledge a desire to make a positive difference in the world. There can be a deep dissatisfaction with a job or life that isn’t meaningful, which creates a larger drive towards a better life.

In this stage, the mind is still very busy and focused on fixing, changing, or creating a different reality. Life is still heavily focused on doing vs. being, which can make it hard to be in the present moment. There are still many beautiful changes and transformations happening within, which can be an incredibly insightful experience.

Typical Thought Patterns

I need to make changes in myself

I wish I could.

What if

I choose to

I attract:/manifest

If this happens, I’ll be able to have_____

It’s important to think positive thoughts

Common Emotional Patterns


Full of Desire/Wanting




Disappointed (when things don’t work out)

Happy (when things work out/desires come to fruition)

Lifestyle/Behavioral Patterns


Inner Power

Trying new things

Learning focused



How It Shows Up In The 4 Major Life Categories

Relationships: Similar in stage 2- in The Spiritual Growth Stage 3-Exploration, the connections with a partner, friends, and family members are the avenues of how one might define or understand themselves. Relationships have expectations and requirements, and if they are not met, there will be turmoil or conflict. However, a person in stage 3 will see themselves as part of the reason for the relationships conflict and seek to work on themselves which is very different than stage 2. This awareness-building stage helps the person see how to heal their inner wounds.

Work/money: in stage 3, a person considers an infinite supply of wealth/abundance and possibility. While there may be fears of scarcity as the underlying feeling, there is hope and belief that an abundant life is possible for them. In this stage, though, there is an increased desire to work towards goals and see results. If work does not feel meaningful or enjoyable there is a desire to change career paths or job roles as a way of resolving the distress of living an inauthentic life. Less focus is on effort, and more focus is on co-creation.

Spiritual/emotional– This can be a powerful time of inner exploration, spiritual expansion, and learning about oneself. The person focuses on techniques and tools to help them grow, such as positive affirmation and desires to make their big life goals a reality. There is a real curious energy quality in this stage. Those in this stage are still attached to the outcomes they seek and may struggle with fully being present in the now.
There is a deep fear that if the person does not attract/receive or gain what they are working towards then they will become disappointed, depressed or frustrated. Attachment to outcomes and desires is a large theme. A person in this stage may still have a very busy mind and have trouble connecting fully with their emotional life.

Health and body-Those in the exploration stage are interested in caring for their body and being in good health. Some may be involved in fitness, nutrition, and other ways to strengthen the body to feel more alive/in tune with themselves. Unlike stage 2, those in this stage are not choosing a life of fitness or body changes mostly from a place of low self-esteem or comparison but more of a way to create a better connection with oneself.
Holistic methods and alternative treatments may be explored. However, in this stage, there is still a disconnect with being fully embodied. In this stage, it is still hard to be fully with oneself without distraction or entertainment.

The Next Level of Spiritual Growth- Awakening

In Stage 4 Awakening, inner peace becomes more important than any other goal or pursuit. A person in this stage is in a state of willingness to surrender to what is. They recognize that desiring, expecting and hoping for a life that matches wants and needs can only get them so far and they want to go deeper.
The body becomes a portal to presence and peace. However, the balance of the inner/outer parts of their lives may still be a challenge, and therefore there are still some stuck places on this journey.
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The Spiritual Growth Journey

Moving into a state of truly wanting inner truth above all else and feeling the exhaustion of seeking outside oneself. Typically in Stage 4, a person wants to inwardly experience and answer the big question who am I really?. They are interested in subjects such as mindfulness, surrender, acceptance, and letting go.
It can be a difficult transition sometimes from Stage 3 to Stage 4 due to the transformation that begins to happen as the “personal self.” In Stage 4, there is a more intense falling away of the confines of the ego-mind, which can be disorienting.

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Please note that this information is not a substitute for mental or physical health care; please consult with your providers if in need of support and additional resources.

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