Spiritual Growth Stage 4-Awakening

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Spiritual Growth Stage 4-Awakening

In Stage 4, the Spiritual Growth Stage 4-Awakening phased, inner peace becomes more important than any other goal or pursuit. A person in this stage is in a state of willingness to surrender to what is. They recognize that desiring, expecting, and hoping for a life that matches wants and needs can only get them so far. They are interested in diving deep into the question, who am I?
A person in this stage spends most of their waking life focused on building awareness of the inner wounds/fragmented parts and disruptive mind patterns that have become so difficult to live with. A sense of distance or defusion of thoughts and emotions begins to occur. This person doesn’t believe everything they think. They become the watchers of their inner world as an ongoing experience focusing on living in the present moment as their main focus. They also acknowledge a desire to make a positive difference in the world. They wait for divine guidance to show them the next steps and then take action, instead of seeking for what they are meant to do.
In this stage, the mind is becoming a little less busy but still has the thought content and momentum of the stage 1-3 mind. In this stage, a lot of effort and awareness is needed to not get pulled into old patterns. If a spiritual practice is missed, it is felt, and a large hard day without the ability to practice mindfulness/inner awareness building skills can result in feeling disconnected from oneself. There is still the need for tools, techniques, and support to work with the old conditioning of the mind; It takes continual focus to stay aware of the minds patterns and intricacies.
There is a greater sense of unity with not only one’s own inner circle of friends and family but to strangers and others unlike themselves. They feel a great sense of compassion for beings and enjoy being by themselves or in nature. They enjoy quiet and stillness and would rather spend an afternoon in a nature scene than in the busyness of life. Strong feelings of joy and peace come and go without any identifiable reason. While many emotions will be felt, this person is the witness of those emotions, so their mood is not as affected as it was in earlier stages.

Spiritual Growth Stage 4-Awakening

Those in this the Spiritual Growth Stage 4-Awakening are focused on the balance of being and doing, which still means trying to control this aspect of their lives. There is a desire to retreat and go inward, to enjoy quiet time to themselves. When they have a break in a busy day, they would want to spend it in silence, meditation, or just away from distractions and noise. Nature is a refuge and a way to deepen the connection within.
This stage is a huge step into higher consciousness; it¬†provides the foundation and glimpse of what is possible along the spiritual path. A person reaching this stage has either stumbled upon it due to a life of intense suffering and/or has seen through experience that the world out there will never provide the peace and joy they’ve been seeking. They have made a powerful decision to make their inner growth a top priority to break through the illusion and step into inner truth.

Typical Thought Patterns

I am not these thoughts

I want to go deeper

That’s an interesting emotion

I’m noticing disappointment inside

All is well

Who am I?

Common Emotional Patterns







Lifestyle/Behavioral Patterns



Activated Will

Focused on one’s inner world

How It Shows Up In The 4 Major Life Categories

Relationships: This is the stage where relationships change quite significantly. The old patterns of wanting the other person to change/meet needs and expectations start to fall away. The relationship is seen as a way of deepening inner growth. Love and compassion flows, and reactivity/defensiveness and conflict decreases significantly. If old conditioned patterns of separation and conflict arise, this person is able to witness them and more easily choose a healthier pathway without getting caught in the emotion.

Work/money: in stage 4, there is the beginning of a new perspective of work and money. Almost any work can be approached as enjoyable and meaningful, and many possibilities exist. This is due to the level of presence and peace that is arising inside more and more. Money is seen as energy or an energetic exchange instead of a means to accumulate things of desire. Old conditioned fears of money may still be background noise of the mind but are no longer taken as seriously. There is a sense of inner security, of unity with all things which transcends much of the fear.

Spiritual/emotional– A person in this stage is no longer enmeshed with the emotions and thoughts that used to plague their everyday life. Instead, there is a clear defusion/dissonance between the energies that show up inside and the one who is aware of them. Life is more joyful, colorful, and peaceful on many levels. The outside world no longer does not need to show up in a certain way for happiness to be possible.
It is not that all emotions that are felt are positive; in fact, many people in this stage feel very deep, difficult emotions but with more awareness, openness, and compassion. The seeking of pleasure and avoidance of pain is no longer the path; a person in this stage wants to experience whatever appears in the present moment as a way of deeper growth. This means taking on the often difficult challenge of choosing to be with pain and discomfort mentally, physically, and emotionally as a first response.

Health and body-
Similar to the previous stage, the health of the body and being in tune is essential. The body becomes a portal to presence and peace. A person in stage 4 may feel the aliveness and wisdom held in their body. It is enjoyable and interesting to be embodied, and they will honor and respect what they put in their body and how they care for it.

The Next Level of Spiritual Growth- The Shift

In The Shift stage, a person is undergoing a big transition out of the ego-mind self, permanently bridging the way into the transcendent self in stage 6. This in-between phase can be even more disorienting and confusing as the old system of consciousness are deteriorating. This stage begins the journey past the need to achieve and become anything, but rather to merge with what is…completely.
To learn much more about this stage and how to deepen your spiritual growth, click here.

The Spiritual Growth Journey

Moving into a state of total surrender to what is the way forward. Those who land in Stage 5 could be long time spiritual seekers or those who had an abrupt awakening from earlier stages that catapulted them here. Not every person experiences all the stages to spiritual awakening. It’s also worth noting that just because you best fit in one stage or another doesn’t mean there will be an exact fit. Stage 5 is one of those stages that many people may experience or may experience briefly.
If a person does enter Stage 5, it is also a difficult transition due to the intense transformation that destroys the personal self. Like Stage 4, there is a more intense falling away from the confines of the ego-mind, which can be very disorienting.

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If you are new to the 6 Stages of the Spiritual Awakening Journey and would like to learn more, check out this post:


Please note that this information is not a substitute for mental or physical health care; please consult with your providers if in need of support and additional resources.

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